The Path, The Fish, The Mud,

A combo post for this evening with a little cycling content at the end.  Lets start with the new Hulu series “The Path.” I heard of “The Path” as it was advertised on NPR.  I listen to alot of NPR.  Generally I hear alot of interesting stuff on NPR about music, movies, books, news, whatever.  Well Hulu donated so that we could hear about their upcoming series “The Path” which was about a mysterious cult.  I found that interesting, and since they were advertising on NPR I assumed it would be good.  I was wrong.

I only watched the first episode, but I’m not planning on watching more.  It was a confusing jumbled of disjointed ideas that made little sense to me.  So the show opens with this post apocalyptic scene where a woman is is crawling around trying to drink windshield washer fluid, there is a school bus overturned, another women is screaming about her baby.  Then these heroic young people all show up in gleaming white vans with matching T-shirts handing out water and emergency supplies, and generally helping everyone out.  So I’m thinking, this is interesting, civilization has broken down and these guys are helping clean up the mess.  Nope, it was just a tornado in New Hampshire that seemed to affect like 5 people and not a single first responder showed up for, just a bunch of cultists.

So for the next hour the show bounces around from the cult compound to a normal house in a city street, to a drug fueled spiritual retreat in Peru.  There’s a cult, they are always talking about a ladder, they seem to have a handful of people, but they also have a world wide presence, they have their own brand of bathroom supplies, they have a shaman and go on drug trips.  The dimensions and design of the cult are so vague and confusing that I was just scratching my head trying to figure out what the show was about and I thought this was going to be about a cult.    I’m fascinated by cults and how people can seem to turn off their reason and join in with a group no matter how bizarre it seems from the outside, but this show didn’t really catch my interest.

Next up is the mystery of THE FISH.  For years we’ve had goldfish in our little fish pond.  They are gone.  Well 6 of the 7 are gone, one remains.  A few of these fish were big.  Did something or someone scoop them out?  One time an animal had scooped out a couple and devoured them leaving scales and mutilated fish parts in the area.  This time there are no clues as to what happened to 6 of our fish.  The one time when an animal was able to get in the pond was only because i’d allowed it to get very low.  Right now it’s completely full.  It’s so sad because we’ve had these fish for so long and a couple were even born in the pond.  I think one was maybe 10 years old.    If you hear anything about my missing fish let me know.

The scene of the crime.

Last item is THE MUD.  We rode High Knob yesterday, home of the big High Knob horse camp.  These are trails we very rarely ride because they are saturated with equestrians.  I’m not going to start complaining about how tore up the trails are.  I’ll just say that the best way, really the only way, to get around the High Knob trail system is on a horse.

Eli is having trouble with my seatbelts

Sweet mud hole every 100 yards on otherwise perfect trail.

Good times

Mud bogging




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