Roubaix! Adventure Cycling! Time Trial!

Had the day off and watched 6 hours of Paris-Roubaix.  OK, I didn’t watch the whole 6 hours, I downloaded the entire 6 hours but fast forwarded through much of the middle.  This was the first time Eurosport has broadcast the entire race from start to finish and one of the very few times we get to see the start of a bike race.  Starts are crazy with attack after attack going until finally a group gets clear and things settle down, very fun to see.  Early in the race I heard the commentator say that Matt Haymond had been declared a 800-1 underdog.  I’ve heard of him, but vaguely, really didn’t know who he was.  Well now he’s the guy who kept Tom Boonen from winning a 5th record breaking Paris-Roubaix.  The 800-1 underdog beat the worlds best cobbles riders in the final sprint.

It’s been kind of funny, the race was yesterday in Paris so I’ve been trying to avoid finding out who won until I got a chance to watch it, I’ve been trying to avert my eyes.  I already knew that favorite to win, Fabian Cancellera crashed because of all the videos of Peter Sagan Bunny Hopping his flailing body and bike.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rider do that in all the racing I’ve watched.  I always think, JUMP! when a rider goes down in front of someone and Sagan was like Tigger, he even posted on facebook how his mountain bike skills paid off.

Example of an adventure cycling map

Example of an adventure cycling map

I received the Adventure Cycling map I ordered.  I’m impressed by how fast they sent it out and how quickly the excellent men and women of the US Postal service got it to my door!  The map is nice, I had no idea how they would lay out these things, but it’s really simple.  Each folded panel is about 30 mile section of the route with a detailed map and directions.   The back of the map has a guide to the services along the route, an elevation profile, and a history section of the area, and weather information.

back of adventure cycling map

back of adventure cycling map

The 15 dollar price of the map seems a bit high, until you consider you’re paying for not only the printed map on high quality waterproof paper, but the work of maintaining up to date information on a 4000 mile bike route.

Finally a couple days of persistent rain has thrown a monkey wrench into the scheduled Little Egypt Time Trial tomorrow night. The course is gravel and dirt road with a couple of water crossings on some State land that is closed to cars near DeSoto.  The course is very muddy and we don’t want to rut it up, so we’re swapping to the Crab Orchard road course.


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