2016 Week Long State Bike Tours

This morning I assembled a list of all the major week long bike tours I could come up with in 2016.  Obviously doing a tour is on my mind.  I’m not including boutique tours for small groups, just the big ones.  Maybe it will help you in your planning.  Also didn’t include anything in california because who would want to ride a bike in that crappy state.  (Sarcasm)

Bike Florida April 9-15 Arcadia FL

AMBA May 21-27 Huntsville AL
Expensive and same place all week

BRAG June 4th-11 Atlanta GA
Good ride, some busy areas

RASDAK June 4th-11 Buffalo SD
No clue

BAK June 4-11 St. Francis KS
Never been

BRAN June 5-11 Grant NE
Big open spaces, well organized

GITAP June 6-17 Coal City IL.
Never been

Ride the Rockies June 11-18
Never been

Ride the Fault June 12-18 New Madrid AK

Bicycle Tour Colorado June 19-25
Can you climb? Very well ran ride.

BIG BAM June 11-17 St. Joseph MO
Across state bus ride

GOBA June 18 – 25 Hamilton OH
Lots of people, 2 layover days, fun

Oklahoma FreeWheel June 18-25 Madill OK
No Clue

Pedal Across Lower Michigan June 18-24 While Hall MI
No idea

Bike Virginia June 24-19 Woodstock VA
I got nothing

Bon Ton Roulet July 23-30 Cortland NY
625 dollars for fingerlakes

XOBA July 23-30 Covington KY
small, hear good things

RAGBRAI July23-30 Glenwood IA
1 million people, bring your own urinal


CANDISC August 6-13 Garrison ND

BAM August 18-21 Waseca MN


TRIRI September 11-16 Fairfax Beach IN

BRAT September 11th-17th TN
Friends like it



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5 Responses to 2016 Week Long State Bike Tours

  1. capejohn says:

    Here are a couple that I have done:

    Parks & Trails New York’s Cycle the Erie Canal
    18th Annual Bike Tour Buffalo to Albany July 10 – 17, 2016

    Railstotrails.org annual sojourn

  2. Rob Grider says:

    Three excellent tours in Wisconsin each summer:

    And don’t forget about the annual Michigander ride, always well done and excellent food:

  3. Claude says:

    Nice listing
    What about one in Quebec! 1st week of August

    And one in NC 1st week of October

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