TT.1 Owl Creek Vineyard Was Awesome

After Party

After Party

We had 15 riders meet up for our first time trial, it went off smooth, thanks to Donny’s inlaws stepping up we got it timed.  We collected 30 dollars of donations for the charity pool which is awesome.  The route was marked and a real challenge, and I think everyone got their money’s worth.  I’m talking about the Little Egypt Time Trial Series, which a group of us organized.  It’s a free charity race series open to anyone interested and if you want to know more check out my previous post and get with us on facebook.

So if you didn’t make it what did you miss?  I’ll tell you about my night.  I busted rear all day to get off work about 3:30.  Got home and got online to check and make sure no one had canceled the event.  Yes it occurs to me as one of the organizers of the event if it were to be canceled I would knowt, but I can sometimes be insecure like that.  So I try to eat a bit and put some coffee on.  I figured coffee would be good to get me fired up.  It was then that I realized that I only vaguely knew how to get to Owl Creek Vineyard so I google mapped it.  Google recommended that i take the interstate to exit 36, and I figured I’d fill in the rest of the details on the way.

I got my stuff in the car and coffee in hand and launched.  Car was almost out of gas, oh man going to have to drive a bit fast to get there on time after stopping to fill up.  I’m flying down the interstate which has some construction going on and has been turned into a 2 lane.  Here comes exit 36, it’s closed for my lane.  Yippie.  I had to do some creative driving to get turned around and make the exit.

I make my way to OCV and see bike riders on the road.  I had 10 minutes to spare, but the parking lot is full.  Oh my God, people actually came to this thing.  I’m drinking my huge cup of coffee and walking around babbling with a clip board.  I have no idea how to do this, what the hell, how is this going to work?  Donny says a few things and we’re signing the clipboard and things are happening.  Donny’s inlaws were so awesome I handed them my phone and my watch and the first rider took off at 5:38.

Soon I’m off and up the first hill, and oh man this is hard.  It’s funny how fast my heart rate went up, but I’m not really hurting yet.  Top of the hill I can see Moe like at least 2 or 3 minutes ahead and Donny’s like 30 seconds back.  Oh man I suck, I go “all in” on the flats and downhill to Giant City.  First turn is coming up but I’m not sure so I slow down alot and double check.  In Giant City I know the road and I’m going 110%.  I look back and Donny is out of sight behind me and I’m catching riders and making passes.  Wow 6 miles gone and it feels like we just started.  I’m killing it.  I grab another swig of black coffee.  Man this tastes horrible.

Then I realize I haven’t taken my seatbag off.  This entire thing is a waste of time because I’m carrying and extra 600 grams of bicycle pump and inner tube.  The crappy saddle bag is ruining my aerodynamics.  I briefly contemplating stopping to take it off.  Nah that will loose to much time. I could try to take it off while I coast down a hill.  Too dangerous.  More coffee!

I finally pass catch up to Larry a bit past Makanda and though I’m hurting I stand up as I pass and sprint for some stupid reason.  I see arrows pointing left but I thought it was straight. I know to turn left but I can’t decide, I go straight and miss the turn.  Dang, back on the course, but I lost alot of time.   It’s climbing time now and I realize that I’m fat.  I mean I know this, but now as the road is going up relentlessly I know it so well that I’m recalling every piece of chocolate, every doughnut, every little Debbie cake.  My whole life is coming into focus.

In about 15 seconds Brian passes me, I’m sucking air and struggling for forward momentum and he is standing on the big ring and passing me like I’m standing still.  50 feet up the road from me I hear grinding.  Oh man did he just rip his derailleur off.  It sounded horrible, gears grinding.  I thought maybe he’d pedaled so hard he blown the chainstay off his bike.  He’s off his bike and  says, “Just shifted my chain off.”   I pass him and say, “you’ll still win.”  He gets his chain back on and passes me in a matter of seconds.  He was out of sight so fast it, it was like, dang!  I look down at my computer. 10.3 miles.  A voice in my head says, “relax bro, take it easy, just shift down a couple gears and quit trying so hard.”  You got it chief, I say to myself and drop to my lowest gear.

Once I see that I’m at the top I’m trying again, but I can tell I’m done.  I don’t seem to have much get up and go.  As I come out of the orchard the sun comes out from behind the clouds and shines low golden light.  I make the turn east and my shadow descends 200 feet in front of me down the hill.  God this is so cinematic!  The last bit is downhill and everyone is standing at the side of the road.  Oh man this is so cool!

It took me awhile to chill out from my time trial coffee high, but then I was able to figure out the times and determine the winners.  Brian won as we suspected, he is super fast, but I think everyone was happy with their times, I mean everyone was fast.  Moe seemed genuinely surprised by how well he did and the ladies were very impressive.  Donny and Katie handed out the prizes and it had a real good vibe.  Afterwards I was talking to Aaron and he was like, “Your the guy who organized this right?”

I’m like, “No, well yeah, me and those other guys, I mean, you know, it was my idea, but it was really a team effort, and Donny marked the course, and…”  Wow I really caused this to happen.  Can’t wait for the next round, a flat gravel course that will be closed to traffic.  Should suit me better then the hills.  It’s April 12th in Desoto.  Hope you can make it!

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One Response to TT.1 Owl Creek Vineyard Was Awesome

  1. KM says:

    Good write up Mr. G, felt like I was there.

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