Waterfall Hunting in the Shawnee

Burden Falls

Burden Falls

It’s been raining, alot, to much to make cycling either on the road or trail a viable option.  Sunday I decided to do a bit of waterfall exploring and trail running.  Perhaps the most well known waterfall in the Shawnee is Burden Falls which is one of the highest waterfalls in Illinois and can be spectacular when enough water is flowing through it.  Here’s the thing about waterfalls in the Shawnee, there are several, but they don’t usually have much flow except after a heavy rain.


There was a steady rain Sunday and the temperature was in the mid 40s, but running around in tights and with a plastic rain jacket I stayed very warm.  I even waded through the creek and stayed warm by running.  I took a few pictures with my Olympus Tough point and shoot since it’s waterproof.


Sunday night all through Monday the rain continues to fall, my friend Moe calls up and we go out to see how much water is flowing.  The rain stops just before we leave and I make a last minute decision to switch cameras.  I grabed my SLR and left behind the point and shot.  A few miles from the house I realize I’d removed the memory card just the day before and forgot to put it back in, dang.  No big deal though, Moe had a great camera and took plenty of pictures.  This would have been a great day for a tripod, but a memory card would have been nice.  I’ve got to plan better.


We hit up Packentuck Falls near Camp Ondensonk and then proceeded over to Jackson Hole, the one near Eddyville.  Both falls were thundering and a sight to behold.  The scenic trail down to the base of Jackson Hole was my favorite part, as the small cascades and waterfall on the trail were awesome by themselves.

IMG_20151228_163331_141On the hike back from Jackson Hole on the gravel road we encountered some folks with pig problems.  A tree had fallen on their wire fence enclosing their pigs.  A woman and her son were trying to remove the tree and we helped.  The pig didn’t seem to want his picture taken.

Moe was nice enough to send me the photos he took and I selected a few of them to post here after doing some minor post processing.  I took several with my








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2 Responses to Waterfall Hunting in the Shawnee

  1. Pat Sanders says:

    I enjoy your blog. S.I. is a great place to explore, I thoroughly the area around Camp O glad to see you ventured there.

  2. Looks a lot like a gorge close to where I live. I should get myself over there now that we’ve had some snow. 🙂

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