Star Wars and Hipster Klein Hipster Ride

I haven’t seen the Star Wars movie.  I’m waiting for a cam version to hit the net, or maybe a Korean Dubbed version with Thai Subtitles.  Nahh, I guess in all seriousness I’m not that excited about it.  I’ve never been a huge Star Wars fan.  I mean like, sure I read Timothy Zahn’s “Heir to the Empire” series of novels that follow Luke and companies adventures after the fall of the second Death Star, but that was a long time ago.  I also know that the Millenium Falcon is a heavily modified YT-1300 Light Freighter, why do I know that?  I guess there was a time when I was a big Star Wars fan.

Picture it, 1997, Star Wars “special edition” Trilogy is re-release in theaters across the country to build anticipation for the upcoming prequels.  My geeky friends and I had to buy tickets early and wait in line to see a movie we’d all seen several times, but we’d never seen it on the “Big Screen” so that was kind of nice.

Now it’s 1999, again we buy tickets and wait in line to see “The Phantom Menace.”  I remember leaving the movie thinking I’d been kicked in the nuts.  I wasn’t sure if I’d just watched a video game or a kids cartoon, but I found the movie so ham stringed, goofy, and just plain dumb after all that anticipation that I wanted revenge.  I got that revenge by not paying to see the rest of Prequel movies.

At some point in time after watching “The Phantom Menace” it seemed like George Lucas would release an updated version of Star Wars every year with a new special effect or something added and sell millions of DVDs.  This is getting worse then Scientology.  Eventually I watched the original trilogy again, after watching a “A New Hope” I was sort of surprised I ever really liked them that much to begin with.  Had I been permanently tainted by “The Phantom Menace” or had I just grown up?

Now here are back in 2015 and my adult mind can’t help but see Star Wars for what it is.  A giant money making machine.  I feel like I’ve been hit by a carpet bombing propaganda campaign.  Can there really be that much demand for Star Wars merchandise?  Are that many people wearing Star Wars T-shirts?  Are the toys and merchandise an offshoot of the movie, or is the movie an offshoot of all the merchandise?  Either way I’d kind of like to see this new Star Wars movie, but I still feel like they owe me at least one more freebie.

Speaking of freebies, (dang I love segways) I got myself a free bike put together the other day.  It’s really too big for me, but It’s very fun to ride.  Imagine riding a road bike with a 42-53 chain ring, and a 21-12 7 speed rear cassette.  You have one option for climbing on this bike, pedal as hard as you can and don’t stop.  It forces you to keep the power up, there is no bail out.  The wide handlebars and bar ends are great for out of the saddle efforts and the Klein bar/stem combo weighs less then most stems.  It’s an amazing piece of kit.

Klien road bike with Mission Control bar stem combo.

Klien road bike with Mission Control bar stem combo.



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One Response to Star Wars and Hipster Klein Hipster Ride

  1. John_s says:

    Don’t go solo. Maybe you could force Luke to go with you

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