Sharing the Trails Like a Boss

Like a Boss

Like a Boss

A group of us rode yesterday around Pounds Hollow on some trails that are so perfect for mountain biking that you’d of thought they were built solely for us, though they were built primarily for horseback riding.  It’s deep fall now which means the campgrounds and trails are loaded.  We encountered so many horseback riders yesterday that I lost count.

I’m very happy to say it was a fantastic ride, the folks I ride with are contentious and respectful of everyone on the trails.  Sharing trails is not hard, we’ve been mountain biking in the Shawnee and sharing trails with other users for 30+ years.  It simple, we spot the horseback riders well up the the trail, get off our bikes, move off the trail and talk to the equestrians until they pass.  We did this many times yesterday without any trouble and talked to alot of friendly good people.

The last group we encountered were a little sour, as Tom and I talked to them and their horses while standing ten feet off the trail they kept telling us to talk to their horses.  I was thinking, damn I’m trying to talk to your horse, you keep interrupting.  They weren’t rude but they pretty much let us know they didn’t like us to be on the trail with them.

I got to see Barry’s new bike, a Santa Cruz Bronson which is an amazing machine.  It’s got lots and lots of suspension travel, big hit tires, and yet weighs about the same as my single speed.  It’s a true Enduro bike and Barry has the skills and lack of common sense needed for such a machine.



Now for some other sour news someone thought that it might be funny to write a few notes on some signs the forest service posted out there.  It’s funny because whoever made the notes can’t spell.  I can’t say much, I’m a horrible speller as well, but then again I don’t write stupid notes on government signs.  Just to be clear its not illegal, there are no fines, and your bicyle will not be cofiscated.


Umm Sure.



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3 Responses to Sharing the Trails Like a Boss

  1. Moe says:

    Awesome trails with great company. Riding with Big Hit Bronson Barry and the rest of the crew is always a blast.

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