Goodwill, Facebook, Phones, GlenVegas

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATime for a Super Combo Post, first up is Goodwill, my favorite store in the world.  I could make a whole blog about how awesome buying crap at Goodwill is.  I found 3 awesome shirts yesterday.  A super sweet western shirt, a merino wool argyle sweater, and a Performance cycling jersey with BUILT IN NECK GAITOR and HOOD.  How awesome is that!  How about I model my new threads for you.

I'm such a pro that I can model and hold a conversation on the phone.

I’m such a pro that I can model and hold a conversation on the phone.



I try to stay off bandwagons.  I never bought a MC Hammer cassette tape, I never made a myspace page, I never got a cell phone, and I stayed far away from facebook.  I suppose in my mind usually the more popular something is the worse it is.  This is of course a fallacy, popularity doesn’t tell you if something is right for you or not.  Well the last few months I’ve embraced Facebook and tolerated a cell phone.

I made a facebook account in 2010, made 3 posts and didn’t log back into until 2014.  I checked it every now and again, but really didn’t start using regularly until the last few months.  I had a chip on my shoulder when it came to facebook.  I’ve been blogging since 2010 and I couldn’t see what use facebook would be to me, I already had an outlet on the internet and I didn’t want another site to check.  After using it for awhile I’ve found that I really enjoy glimpses into other peoples lives and heads.  Also I’m not ashamed to admit I like attention and facebook is great for attention starved dorks like me.  You can find me on Facebook as Gatt Molson. By the way, I’ve checked facebook about 3 times in the process of writing this post so far!


Phones, I’m not quite so keen on,  I’ve been using one on and off for the last year for my job, but I didn’t have a smart phone, and I only paid for like 250 minutes and used about 100 a month.  These phones were so unimportant to me that I washed 3 of them.  I finally bought a smartphone, though it was the cheap one.  I think its pretty awesome, it has a real keyboard!  I like having the phone, but mainly I use it as an mp3 player.  Text messaging is nice I have to admit.  Here’s a little tip for you guys that may have an older phone say like a Droid 4.  Uninstall all the updates to pretty much everything on the phone then set it not to autoupdate.  It works so much better now.

If your phone doesn’t have a sliding keyboard then you’re pretty much a loser.


Finally the time changed last weekend so it was time to break out the lights for riding.  Last night I got together with, John, John, Moon, Matt, and Ed for some night riding at Glendale.  Riding at night, as you can guess, is a much more intense experience.  We have bright lights and have no trouble seeing the trail in front of us, but the woods becomes a mystery.  Trails that you’ve ridden hundreds of times seem brand new at night.







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3 Responses to Goodwill, Facebook, Phones, GlenVegas

  1. Larry B Williams says:

    All I can say GATT.. Is that we don’t get to spend enough time riding together.. I’ve got to get my priorities realigned.. Because I sure do enjoy your perspectives on things!!

  2. Kate says:

    You’re looking skinny!

    My husband LOVES Goodwill. I love bargains, but not searching for them, so I tend to do that stereotypically “guy” thing of walk in, pay whatever for exactly what I want, and walk out.

    And I love facebook. Probably too much. I only started my account because my then teens had them and I wanted to monitor their accounts. Now I use it way more than they do.

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