Neighbors: Welcome to the Bunny Farm

My wife and I both grew up not exactly in the county, but definitely not in town.  We had substantial yards and good neighbors.  I lived at the end of a dead end road so we weren’t accustomed to strangers.  For the last 14 years we’ve lived in town on one of the busiest streets since we live very close to a school and a post office, well we used to live next to a school, more on that later.  Living in town is really quite a change, especially for my wife who is constantly worried about what’s going on outside and it seems there is always something going on.

Returning to Nature

Returning to Nature

I went rollerblading this morning and a funny encounter with my neighbors little dog got me thinking about how surreal things have got up here on church street.  So when we bought our house back in 2001 we lived next door to Malan Junior High.  I was a bit worried about this, all the kids running around and stuff, but it turned out to be zero problem.  The school was well kept and looked good, kids came and went with zero issues, all was well.  Then a couple years later they (school board) built a new Junior High and left this one to rot in the middle of town.  Well they didn’t exactly leave it to rot, they sold it to a church so they could start a Christian school.  The school sold for about the price of a luxury car, and the church would have been much better off if they’d bought a well equipped Lincoln to house their school.

The gym was in great shape in 2010, now it's not.

The gym was in great shape in 2010, now it’s not.

For the next few years some hardworking individuals fought a losing battle against a huge building that needed alot of work.  A huge school that could easily accommodate 400 students was being used to school a handful of kids.  I watched sadly as the building slowly fell apart.

Across the street we got some new neighbors.  One of them appeared to be an Ecuadorian gangster with tear tattoos and all.  He spent 18 hours a day sitting on his front steps and glaring at us any time we stepped out of our house.  The women of the house took turns sun bathing on the roof.  Nightly shouting arguments would flow into the street.  Our nice little neighborhood had become a ghetto.

Lots of broken glass

Lots of broken glass

Well fast forward a few years.  The Ecuadorians all eventually moved out abandoning a nice big house to fall in on itself and the rotting school next door was abandoned by the church.  Without anyone using it things got bad quick.  One night some moron Harley riding idiots rolled into the parking lot and broke out several windows.  Local kids found all kinds of fun ways to get into the school and onto the roof which would necessitate the police coming with spot lights to talk them down on a regular basis.

The auditorium in 2010

The auditorium in 2010

Eventually the school was “sold” to some Asian people who started a bunny farm.  These Asian people are good neighbors, they work hard on their bunny farm, yes they shout alot in their foreign tongue, but I guess that just adds an international flair to the neighbor hood.  Their sense of decor leaves alot to be desired, but I guess it takes alot of crap to run a bunny farm.

The local kids still don’t mind breaking into their home, just the other day my wife saw the Asian man chasing around a some kids with a stick.  They told us they call the police but they do nothing.  I’m not exactly sure what the police could do?  There’s about 200 broken windows to go through.    I wish I could teleport this giant rotting cesspit on the 9th hole of the Saline County Golf Course.

Returning to nature.

Returning to nature.

So my neighbors have a little yappy dog that likes to come over and yap at me, its about the size of a small cat, but not quite as threatening.  I went skating this morning and it followed me up the street, while my  neighboors ran behind yelling at the dog in Mandarin or something.  I skated back so they could catch their dog, they are nice people.

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  1. Luke says:

    Word on the street is school got condemned this week

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