Tales of Broken Parts and Awesome Hair

I hoped to write a post today about the fun mountain bike ride I had this weekend, but as luck would have it, this is a different story.

We loaded up and headed to Mitchelsville Store to meet up and discuss where to ride.  We met a couple there visiting from Fort Campbell checking out the Shawnee.  I’d been messaging these guys on smbatrails.com answering questions about where to ride and what not.  Kind of wild we would run into them.  Schedules didn’t allow us to ride together, they were doing a hike Sunday afternoon, but the guy had really good things to say about the trails he had ridden and the campgrounds.

So ended up going to The Back Nine, which is essentially is the hollows around Pounds Hollow.  About a half mile into the ride I ran over a stick which tore my derailleur hanger off, again.  Normally I might get kind of mad, but I just kind of accepted it.  Just another ride that ends with me walking.  Anyway by now I should learn to carry an extra hanger.  Shauna was nice enough  to come pick me up but I had to walk a couple of miles to the highway so she could find me.

Broke Down

Broke Down

IMG_20150928_141546_190It was raining by the time I got home, since i was all dressed up I got on the road ride and went all out for 43 minutes burning all the energy I would have used in a 3 hour mountain bike ride.  Riding in the rain was invigorating and fun.

Rolled out my bike to ride this afternoon and found that the rear tire was shredded.  It was missing rubber everywhere.  This is the second Vittoria Rubino Slick that has done this.  I was riding so hard yesterday in the rain that the wheel was spinning out occasionally in the rain, but I can’t believe that I did that.  The tires been on the bike for about 3 months.

While I was riding in the rain Sunday Peter Sagan was busy winning the World Championships which was held in Richmond VA this year.  Finally a world class rider with hair that can match the Great Chippolini.  Seriously I want Sagan’s hair.


Peter Sagan (Slovakia) on the podium after winning the Elite Mens Road Race at the 2015 UCI World Championships

Peter Sagan (Slovakia) on the podium after winning the Elite Mens Road Race at the 2015 UCI World Championships



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5 Responses to Tales of Broken Parts and Awesome Hair

  1. Jim Russell says:

    I just installed Vittoria Rubino Pro3 (25c) on my road bike last week; all the reviews that I seen were mostly good. Some of the reviews stated these tires do wear quickly. Road the misaligned minds ride at Paducah with them this weekend; seemed to have a cushy ride. They do have very soft rubber which feels great in the corners; probably not so great for long wear though. I don’t put many miles on this particular bike so wear is not an issue for me. The Vittoria 25c is really not much bigger than the Continental Gatorskins 23c I have on my other road bike, which I thought was odd. I always liked Continental road tires, no flats and reliable, but they do ride a little stiff.

  2. Moe says:

    The Conti GP4000 in 25c are what is on my road bike. It hasn’t gotten many miles recently, but the past few years they have held up great and lasted quite a long time.

    Sucks about the walk out of the woods, but it was nice that Shauna came to pick you up.

    Sagan is a beast. Best bike handler in the race and it showed. That tuck position on the downhill is fast and opened up the gap even further. But his attack was perfectly timed and he just stayed “full gas” as he said. I didn’t watch the race in it’s entirety, but I have watched the last 6 minutes several times and many of the videos. Steve Tilford posted a video on his blog made of clips from the win. Its pretty good. The attack comes at 1:40 and the wheelie down the narrow fenced sidewalk is at about 3:50. http://stevetilford.com/2015/09/29/cycling-team-sport-or-not/#comments

  3. Moe says:

    I’m going to practice that downhill form for the dirty south rides. Can you imagine hitting the corners on the pine hills downhill in that position? That would be quite challenging, and the washboarded road would be quite uncomfortable on the top tube…

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