Happy Labor Day Comrades

P9060128 - CopyI had a few options for riding this fine Labor Day.  A couple of mountain bike options and my parents were doing a hilly road bike ride from Eddyville.  After some consideration I decided to ride with my Mom and Dad, they’ve been putting on massive miles this summer, almost twice the miles I ride, and I knew they would be in good shape for the hilly ride.  The route was one of my favorites from Eddyville to Golconda and then on towards Bay City.  The roads are fantastic, as long as you don’t mind almost constant hills.

Welcome .

Welcome .

This route was originally planned many years ago by my friend Terry who has moved on from riding.  Terry loved to plan super difficult road bike rides that he was just barely able to finish.  He would often be desperately searching for a shade tree near the end of the ride.  We had no such problems today, everyone finished strong, my Mom took the QOM on the final climb. We decided to dedicate the ride to Terry, so man, where ever you are, awesome route.

P9060132 - CopyI took lots of selfies in honor of the day, woo, I think that’s the first time I used the word selfie.  Upon returning home I stepped on the scale to find myself 2 pounds lighter then when I left.

P9060145 - Copy

P9060139 - Copy

P9060140 - Copy


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