A Fine Day in the Woods



Sunday morning is the traditional weigh in for the Matt and Shauna weight loss competition, I won for a second week in a row.  I’m still trailing Shauna by about 50 dollars, but I could come back.  I lost 2.5 pounds to Shauna’s 1.5

Sunday the gang got together for a ride at One Horse Gap.  We’ve taken to riding the Gap a bit differently then we have in the past.  We’re parking at Hogg Cemetery and starting on the East side of Benham ridge and riding the new benchcut trails all the way up to Benham ridge road and back.  The trail was really good, almost completely dry.

Hogg Cemetery is out new launch point

Hogg Cemetery is out new launch point

Sometime back the crank in the Bandersnatch failed and I haven’t rode it in  months.  I swapped out the chainring and put in my old LX octalink  crank  with internal bottom bracket.  I don’t think I’ll ever buy another outboard bottom bracket crank again.  I’m going back to octalink or square taper from now on.  I’m tired of throwing away seized up bottom bracket bearings.  The Bandersnatch has still got the Alfine 8 speed drive which I’m happy to say was flawless.  I ran the tires a bit on the low side hoping for no pinch flats and it worked out great.  The low pressure made the ride so much more enjoyable on the rigid ‘snatch.

Completely bonked

Completely bonked

At the beginning of the ride i felt fantastic, about an hour in I was feeling hunger knocks.  We stopped and I inhaled a cliff bar.  About 15 minutes later climbing the 3 mile “Coon” trail I bonked.  I shifted down and just spun up the hill almost in a daze.  I’m quite certain the bonk was from low blood sugar.

At the top of the climb Drew hooked me up with some candy orange slices, the first candy I’ve ate in 2 weeks.  After resting and cooling off I had my energy back and rode fine for return trip.

It was an excellent ride with the guys and I’m looking forward to the next.


You can’t take Barry anywhere.


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