Ghosts From My Past

I went down to the Burg Comic Con today after work.  It’s a yearly comic book gathering convention thing put on by some local people.  They’ve worked hard taking it from a handful of people to much larger crowds.  It was winding down by the time I got there, it only had an hour to go, but there were still many people hanging out.  Because of my freakishly dark hair I wore a hat.  As far as comic conventions go, it looked to be a big success, there were comics all over the place, people in various costumes, artists plying their trade and collectors with their toys.

When I was in the prime of my life I spent a great deal of my free time hanging out in comic shops playing games and listening to people argue about the inane intricacies of 50 years of comic continuum BS.  If you’ve seen the Big Bang Theory then you’ve seen what my life looked like circa 1996, minus the hot girls.  For some reason there were no hot girls, actually make that no girls at all into comics back in 1996.  It may have been my eyes deceiving me but today I think there were more girls then boys hanging around the con.  Anyway…

I browsed through the selection of geek paraphernalia and talked to a friend I haven’t seen in a long time, I had no money so I couldn’t buy anything, not that there was really anything I’d want to buy there, not to say there wasn’t some really great art and lots of creative people.  The thing is, I never really cared all that much about the comic books, I was there for the competition.

I wandered to the rear where the “game pit” was and sized up the extensive crowd.  I saw several versions of  myself from back then, pale white, 300 pounds, swilling Mountain Dew, my fat hands manipulating cards and tokens as I tapped my Lanowar elf to power a 3rd turn Ernham Djinn, looking forward to the next round to drop an Armageddon on my hopeless foe.  Yeah, pretty geeky.

I quickly turned away and headed for the door.  Those people looked like they were having fun and I’ve swore away fun, just as I’ve swore away doughnuts.  Yes I made it through another Saturday of work without eating a single doughnut.  Last week it was easy, this week I could hear the glazed fried dough calling me, “Matt…. you know you want it.”  I had to walk by them twice to get to the bathroom.   I ate fruit and a protein shake today, and Shauna made us a light supper.  I’m hungry right now as I write this and haunted by the smiling chubby ghosts of my past.


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