Trails, Carpet and Dye


We’re bogged town Captain.

Well Thursday August 27th was an interesting day.  I started off with a solo mountain bike trip to one of my favorite trails, Gossage.  It started off great, the first couple of miles were really nice, then it just kind of went to crap.  Seemed like there was a giant mud hole that was impossible to ride through, followed by a giant down tree, followed by a mud hole, you get the idea.  I tried a section of  trail that is usually in bad shape and found it completely trashed.  It seemed like the rocks and roots were damp as well which was freaking me out.  We just had so much rain this year that the wet spots got trenched out by horses and will likely never recover without being filled in and that’s never going to happen.


trail maintenance

I took my bow saw and cut a couple of smaller limbs, but the trail really needs a chainsaw crew.


It was the perfect size.

So the next item on the agenda is carpet.  I got home from work the other day and Shauna said, “There’s carpet in the middle of the street.”  I walked out and found a large piece of rolled up carpet that had been rolled to the curve.  Shauna said it had been there for hours but only recently moved to the curb.  The carpet was brand new so I carried it into the house and after a waiting a few days I layed it in the bathroom, the bathroom carpet was about 10 years past worn out.



The final item on today’s agenda is my hair.  When I was in my early 20s I started getting gray hairs which I thought was kind of neat, like hey I’m going to look like Mr. Fantastic. Well my wife has always teased me about dying my hair and I was always like, “No way.”  I ran into a guy who knew me from about 15 years ago, he’s in his 60s and his hair was almost exactly the same shade as mine.  He was like, “You’ve got so much gray hair now I didn’t even recognize you,” a harmless comment that lodged into my head.

California Dreaming

California Dreaming

So I told Shauna I was feeling old and she got out a tank top for me to try on, “young people wear these, like in California and stuff,”  I told her I didn’t think it was working.


Just a buck.



Later we went to the store and I noticed a box of hair dye in a clearance rack.  $1.00, why not, I thought.  With my hair slicked back I looked alot like Saul Berenson from Homeland.  Now when I look in the mirror I’m like, “Who the hell is that guy, it’s kind of a freaking me out.

geeze, good thing this stuff, DOESN"T WASH OUT!

geeze, good thing this stuff, DOESN”T WASH OUT!


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