Road Raging

I went on a little ride when I got off work this evening then I cruised over to Shauna’s new office to meet her when she got off work at 5:30.  She said she could beat me home and it was on.  I went 100% down Sloan street and was nearing ludicrous speed when I merged right onto Commercial street 4 lane.  Two semi’s were coming in the left land and as they went by I tried to get into their draft, there were no other cars on the road.  I hit 30 but it wasn’t enough to catch the trucks draft.  I got down in an aero tuck and tried to hold on.  In a few seconds it was time to turn left to church street.  I was facing a solid wall of traffic,  I half track stood for about 15 seconds and saw Shauna coming down the road.  Eventually an opening appeared and I went for it, I was half way up Church street hill and Shauna was coming on.  Luckily she decided to drive extra slow and I “Idaho’d” a couple of stop signs for the win!  Then I collapsed from asphyxiation.

Luke, who I now know reads my blog, I have proof see, he asked me if any of my photos won the County Fair competition. The only way he could know was from the blog.  I’ll have to remember not to say anything bad about him while he spends the Fall in Santa Fe riding some of the finest trails in the world and saving lives 3 days a week.

Yeah, I hadn’t mentioned how my pictures did, I mean, I’m not one to toot my own horn, but since he asked….

My “Jackson Falls” photo was awarded Best of Show,  Color photography.  My Black and White “Old Barn” got 3rd place.  My “Bright Field” got 1st place color landscape, and my painting of Judith got 3rd place oil portraits.  I was pretty happy, but I wish my portrait of Itty Bitty would have won something, it’s one of all time favorite photos.  Normally this wouldn’t have been that big of an accomplishment, but the amount and quality of work at the fair was staggering.  I didn’t think I would win anything.








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2 Responses to Road Raging

  1. Moe says:

    Congrats on both accounts! 1st for beating your wife to the house, and 2nd for bringing home the awards on the photos from the fair! Nice work!

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