I Can Swim

When I was young I would go swimming in the summer like most kids.  At some point and I can’t remember when I had to quit.  After swimming my ears would feel like they had water in them for days, they would eventually get sore, and I would would freak out trying to get the water out for the next week.  I decided I had messed up ears and vowed to never put my head underwater again.



This March I went to the doctor for what I thought might have been strep throat.  Turns out it was just a cold, but the PA did something that no doctor has done in years.  He actually looked in my ear.  I’ve had doctors go through the motion of checking my ears before but this was the first time the doctor actually said something, “Man your ears are completely clogged,” he said.  He brought in the nurses and they did something with a squirt bottle.  I huge dark brown chunk of rock fell out of my ear.  They did the other side an even bigger chunk of rock fell out.  Good Lord, there were huge chunks of rock in my ears, like I didn’t even realize there was that much room in there.

I started thinking about it, and I was like, “I wonder if that’s why I couldn’t swim.”  Shauna and I went to Burdette Park on a recent trip to Evansville Indiana where there is sweet outdoor pool and went swimming.  Afterwards I had water in my ears, for maybe an hour or less.  Cured!  I can swim again!

While swimming I assured Shauna the Olympus Tough TG-820 camera was completely waterproof, well it’s suppose to be anyway.  Mine didn’t die, but it definitely got water in it. The LCD screen stopped working for a short time.  I opened up the battery compartment and there was a bit of moisture in there.  That was after having it totally submerged for a long time.  Luckily it dried out and seems to be working fine with no ill effects.



In other news I remembered today that I wanted to submit some photos and a painting to the Saline County Fair.  I remembered in a knick of time since the entry day is tomorrow.  I spent most of the afternoon printing photos with my Epson Stylus 2200.   It’s pretty ancient I suppose but I printed out 3 12×18 inch photos, and several smaller ones without any problems and they look great.




Oh yeah, I’ve got back to riding my bike some after seemingly taking most of the last couple months off.  I rode my bike less in June then I did in January or February.  That’s pretty disgraceful.  More on that when I have more time.


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