High Water


I went on a ride earlier last week and decided to take a gravel road for a few miles for something different.  I wasn’t considering the high water from lots of recent rain.  I rode through a section of water that was maybe 8 inches deep, crossed the bridge and then the water got deeper.

crossing high water

crossing high water

So what else is up?  I’ve been wanting a shaved ice snow cone type treat  all summer, last night we went to get one at a new place in town that sells them called Riptides.  They cost $2.50 for a medium which is a lot of money for ice with some flavor on top.  As we were driving home we both realized how terrible they were, they contained almost no flavor, despite being covered in a sugary syrup.  It was a major disappointment, I should have went and asked for my money back.

I’ve been busying taking photos all over the place, took my camera with me on the mail route the other day.  When dropping off a package a friendly dog got in my car, I couldn’t get him out.  I had to use food to entice him out.

dog in carI also spent some time in a really cool spot the other night taking pictures, I ran across some deer that were bedding down for the night.  They jumped out of the tall grass in front of me and leaped into the brush before I could even get my camera up.  Here’s a picture of the deer from a distance before they went under the grass.

sunset on gob hill 4sunset on gob hill 3


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