Working Hard or Hardly Working

When I worked at the grocery store with the in fathomable name, “Mad Pricer” one of the sayings I heard nearly every day was, “Are you working hard, or hardly working.”  This was quoted daily by really old people who seemed to think it was the funniest thing that had ever been said.  I wanted to sarcastically yell back at them, “WHAT’S IT LOOK LIKE,” while I was pushing in carts while it was 100 degrees.



Well if they asked me now I could calmly say, working hard.  I’m taking summer classes and working a lot and I’m pretty busy.  I’m riding a couple times a week at most, and maybe getting in a short morning skate once or twice a week.  I’m also dealing with a resurgent interest in photography that was dead for a long time.  I used to really enjoy photography, but in the last few years the interest wained.  For instance, I captured over 7 giga bytes with my 6 MP Canon 10D in 2010, in 2014 it was about a tenth as much at 700 mega bytes.  This new interest in photography means that I’m constantly looking for things to take pictures of, I see a rusty oil tank in the fields and think to myself, what a great picture.






I did manage to get in a great ride last week with some friends.  We did about 40 miles in the evening, finishing well past my supper time, but the wait was well worth it; Drew, Barry and the girls were great riding company.

Though I didn’t dwell on it, it was kind of sad today, Father’s day is the traditional first day of GOBA, the Great Ohio Bike Adventure, which is a fun filled tour that I’ve done several times in the past and would have really enjoyed doing this year.  I also got an email today from a friend who I usually hitch a ride with over to the Tour de Corn.  I’m not going to that this year either, to much to do and the Postal Service needs me on Saturday.  Sure it’s good to be needed, but there’s a lot to be said for separation.

All the time I’m thinking of interesting and funny things to put on the blog, sorry, they never seem to stay with me long enough to get typed.  Maybe I should start carrying around a voice recorder to get all these great ideas with.  Anyway, don’t expect to see to many blog entries for the next 4 weeks, and if you’ve got the time enjoy your summer.

Barry keeping it real with his space helmet

Barry keeping it real with his space helmet


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2 Responses to Working Hard or Hardly Working

  1. Moe says:

    Work is always getting in the way of fun. By the way, what the heck is Barry doing in skinny shorts? Is he turning roadie? LOL!

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