Garden of the Gods By Night

garden of the gods night 2It stopped raining and the sun came out about 7 PM.  I felt as if this might be the chance I’d been waiting for.  I quickly grabbed my gear and my Shaundo and drove out towards Garden of the Gods.  During the drive things seemed to be taking a turn for the worse, the hills were surrounded by clouds, no make that rain.  As we drove through Herod it began to rain and we both figured we were going on a scenic “rain drive” and not a late night super exciting photographic excursion.



garden of the gods night 7

garden of the gods night 4I still felt that it could be good and kept my spirits up, the rain stopped when we parked the car in the parking lot.  The stone pathway was almost glowing from it’s coating of water, but the strong wind and hot day were doing much to dry up the rain.  We arrived at the overlooks just as the sun was setting, the storm clouds were clearing out.  Venus and Jupiter were already glowing.  I hastily unfolded my tripod and began shooting out of focus images, before calming down.  
garden of the gods night 3

The whipper-will call of birds surrounded us as the sun finally went under.  We were truly surrounded, and it felt like they were closing in.  Sitting on these great stone overlooks with forceful wind blowing and glorious colors fading in the west I couldn’t imagine a place more fitting of the name the Garden of the Gods.

garden of the gods night 5

I continually told Shauna, one more, this will be my last shot.  Then I would be struck with one more idea, one last attempt to collect 30 seconds of light on a 35mm microchip.  Our light was nearly gone and Shauna, always the sensible one, was wondering how we would be able to walk back in the dark.  I could stall no longer, and though I would have preferred to keep chasing the star light, we followed our dimming electric light back to the car.  In a few minutes we would be back on the highway, back in town where the stars can’t be seen, and the magic would be over, but at least I have a record.

garden of the gods night 6

garden of the gods night 1


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2 Responses to Garden of the Gods By Night

  1. Moe says:

    Cool pics MG! I’ve never been up there at dark, but can imagine that it is pretty spectacular.

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