My friend the fixed gear wonder from Eldorado was riding his horse in the area between Garden of the Gods and High Knob last weekend.  He was cooling off near some water when disaster struck.  In his words,

I got a kiss from an upset viper sunday afternoon! I had been riding my horse down by the gods all morning (Traitor, I know), and stopeed by a pond to cool off. I took my boots off and was about to take a nice swim when I felt a real sharp pain on my foot. I looked down and a snake had it’s fangs dug into my foot! I was in a really bad position with an un saddled horse and no cell phone serivce in the middle of the shawnee -not to mention a painful wound! I ended up ditching the horse and running two miles on some fire road I found until I got to a gravel road and was picked up. Had to be life flighted out of High knob and taken to St. Mary’s in Evansville. Been pretty sucky and have saw A LOT of needles.

Watch out guys! Never underestimate the shawnee no matter what you’re doing!

He also documented the situation with a few pictures which I think is awesome. He’s recovering at home and very bored, so all of us here at Barn Door wish him a speedy recovery.  

img_2184_3941 img_2709_2618 img_1749_6329

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5 Responses to SNAKEBITE!

  1. Hope you get well quick and get back out in the woods, is the horse still wandering around out in the woods or did he find his way back home?

  2. Moe says:

    I really think Gage is crazy enough that he could have ridden that horse at race pace bareback through the shawnee for help. Glad he is recovering well. A 37 year old man in southwest Missouri died last weekend from a cottonmouth bite (actually 2 bites). The difference, the guy in Missouri didn’t get proper medical attention.

  3. yeah i should have said said that a little different i knew it wasn’t you Matt cause my wife had heard at school somebody from Rado had got bit by a snake.

  4. Jim Russell says:

    Neat photo, a copperhead surrounded by poison ivy. Welcome to the Shawnee Forest; be careful where you step.

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