Galatia Post and Ferne Clyffe

Drew, Joe, and I had a great ride Tuesday, we rode the entire Galatia Post Road, then Saraville and back through demon waters.  Conditions were excellent and we had a 17 mph average without killing ourselves.  I would have taken more photos but full fingers gloves made using the camera tricky.



Shauna and I also got in a camping trip last night.  We slept out at Ferne Clyffe, one of the most excellent areas in Southern Illinois.  This morning I got up early and took a photo that I really like.

heron painting


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2 Responses to Galatia Post and Ferne Clyffe

  1. john_s says:

    Nice pic! Would make a beautiful painting

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    thanks, it was a pretty horrible photo so I spent some time on photoshop trying to make it more interesting.

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