Harmonie Hundred 2015

IMG_20150503_084836The Harmonie Hundred is a 2 day ride in New Harmony Indiana.  I last made it to this ride in 2011 and was fired up to go this year since I don’t get many chances to make these charity tours any more.  Luke was in for the ride, along with my Mom and Dad, so Harrisburg had a good showing, my friends Shon and Joe were there was well.

IMG_20150503_084847The Harmonie doesn’t have a mass start, but a departure between 8 and 10 AM.  Our group was planning to leave at the official start time of 8 AM, some riders had left out before even. There didn’t seem to be a very big crowd when we arrived around 7:30, but when we returned the parking lot was full.

The last time I did this ride it was a hammer fest right from the start with several really fast groups all forming up.  I was able to keep the pace until the first rest stop just barely.  This year there didn’t seem to be fast groups all launching off the front.  Several riders of similar fitness all formed a group and we pretty much rode the entire thing together, I’m glad to say that I felt really good for the whole ride, not to say it was easy, but I never felt like I was about to die.

IMG_20150503_090324Luke was impressed by the level of support, there was 3 Sag stops for a 53 mile ride and they all were well stocked.  The first sag stop offered breakfast foods and the second offered subway sandwiches.  They all had your typical cookies and bananas.  We, of course, stopped at everyone.  We saw multiple sag vehicles driving around so I’m sure people were able to get help if they needed it.

I have done the Saturday route a few times in the past but this was my first Sunday route day.  The route was fantastic, it was smooth pavement, no oil and chip.  It was never completely flat, it was almost non stop rolling hills, but they were the perfect type of hill for keeping speed up.  The loop around New Harmony State Park was awesome.  The route was well marked, but had a couple of confusing places where route marks were conflicting or in case had been paved over.  Still it was an easy to follow course.



Too tired to do a thumbs up after the ride.

The Harmony Hundred is a great early season charity family fun ride.  You’re almost sure to find riders with a pace similar to yours, and New Harmony is a cool little town to visit.  I highly recommend it.

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