Everyone’s a Pro Lawnmower:  Lawn mowing is such a big deal these days.  Whats with all this lawn mowing, and how did it become so cool?  Isn’t lawn mowing like a chore or like a job.  It’s not like you’re fighting fires or flying jets.  If lawn mowing is so cool, why isn’t vaccuming, ironing, dishwashing and dusting?

(Shauna’s note:  The answer is simple, its because men usually do the mowing, they like to make things seem more spectacular then they really are.  It’s like cooking, most men don’t cook, but if you give them a grill they’re like, “I’m the grillmaster” and they become professional cooks for the afternoon.)

High Frame Rate video:  Last year youtube began supporting videos with frame rates higher then the ol standard 30 fps.  I just noticed how much smoother some videos appeared, especially fast moving cycling videos.  1080 60p videos are pretty neat.

Sometime a gift is not really a gift:  Recently several bike racks were given to the area through a few Illinois agencies.  Inmates from the Hardin County Work Camp were brought in to install the racks.  The installation consisted of sitting the racks on the ground and hammering them into the ground with some 6 inch carriage bolts.  The event created a great photo op.  I guess eventually someone realized that hammering 6 inch bolts into the dirt was not really going to work and the racks disapeared.

For the last few days work crews have been removing dirt, creating forms, and pouring concrete pads where the bike racks sat.  I’m sure the racks will return and be properly bolted into the concrete.  I have no idea what it cost to install these racks but I’m willing to bet it costs more then the racks are worth.   I’m pretty certain the the bike racks along the bike trail will see very little use.  Still photo ops aren’t free.

Horse trail damageHorses and wet trails suck:  Shauna and I did some hiking at Lusk Creek.  It’s horse season.  The equestrians are coming out of the woodwork with the spring weather and unfortunately the ground is soaked from Spring rain.  The effect is trails that are very difficult to walk.  In a couple of months when its 90 degrees every day they’ll be dry and beat down flat again.

Why I’m Not on Facebook:  There are many people out there that use facebook that shouldn’t be allowed too.  A vast amount of interpersonal communication occurs without words, much of the true message is in the form of gestures, tone of voice, stuff like that.  Many people seem to think that communication on facebook in the form of poorly worded, short statements, possibly followed with a cartoon graphic is real communication.  Some people seem far too interested in these posts.  Some people are just really into drama.  I ain’t got time for that.

KIds on ATVs:  The other day I was out riding some back roads and encountered many kids on ATVs running up and down the road.  Riding ATVs on the road is illegal, but I really don’t care about that.  When 10 years blow past me on 50cc motorcycles over and over again I get a bit annoyed.  I’m probably just jealous that they are faster then me.

A Very Bad Week:  A friend of my wife’s who lives far away lost her husband to a heart attack earlier this month.  The next day this friend fell and broke her arm badly requiring surgery, her car broke the next day.  Kind of reminds me that my problems aren’t really problems.


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