The Classic at Lusk Creek

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis winter, several of us would go out and run trails at night.  As I have said many times I’m no runner, so more often then not these would be solo adventures for me.  One of the runs we regularly did we called “The Classic” it is a 6 mile loop in the Lusk Creek Wilderness area.  I never completed the Classic this winter, I would usually do a couple miles then turn around, that way the others wouldn’t have to wait 20 minutes on me.

We experienced heavy rains Thursday and I decided to do a run in the area Friday.  I couldn’t talk anyone into going with me.  For some reason no one wanted to run on soaking wet trails.  I was planning on crossing Lusk Creek and heading up to Owl Bluff.  Once I arrived at the creek I knew that was out of the question.  What would normally be ankle deep water was a gushing torrent probably 6 or more feet deep.  I couldn’t even make it across the small Little Bear Branch feeder creek.  I don’t know anything about white water, paddling, rafting, or really anything about water, but I was glad I wasn’t in that water.

I ended up running the Classic, which was amazing.  The trails often had water running down them, sticks and horsepoop were mostly washed off the trails and water flowed everywhere you looked.  It was a celestial time.

Having not ran in several weeks, and never running the entire classic before I’m paying the price today.  Certain muscles in my legs feel untouched while others are incredibly sore, the bike muscles are fine I think, it is the less used running muscles that are hurting.


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