Spring Time in the Hinterlands

Well it’s Spring, the snow has melted and the temperature have skyrocketed to the mid 60s.  I’m feeling a frenzy rising deep from my bones, a drive to go ride my bike up gargantuan mountains and frolic through the forest.

I actually spent some time outside in my yard today picking up a winters worth of trash and junk.  As the daylight was fading away I had just finished cleaning my gravel road bike and car, I did the bike first since I wanted the water to actually be clean when I washed it.  I was riding my clean bike up and down the street while some local kids were fooling around near the huge abandoned school next to my house. (thanks city of Harrisburg) One of the kids who was nicknamed monkey climbed a tree near the school and was running around on the 3 story roof.

His buddies were encouraging him to come down as I watched his hijinks.  He decided the best way to get down would be to leep from the 50 foot roof onto a nearby cedar tree that was about 5 feet from the roof.  I started to shout encouragement for the jump then stopped since I thought that could make me accessory to murder.  When “monkey” saw that I was watching him he counted to three and made the leap.  This is the kind of crazy stuff that I think about when I’m on a bluff in the forest, “If I had to jump in the tree could I do it.”  Well monkey proved that if faced with a pack of hungry wolves, or whatever, he could safely leap off a building into a tree and climb down.  Wish I’d had a camera because it was worth taking a video of.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn less exciting news Shauna and I had a nice trip to the Smoky mountains.  We hiked and played skee ball, it was pretty much your typical Gatlinburg weekend.  We went up to Obergatlinburg ski resort and I ice skated.  I kind of wanted to try sking, but chickened out.  I went skiing when I was younger and it was horrible.  Maybe one day I’ll try it again.


I was looking through older vacation photos and made a starling discovery.  I look really different.

Here I am in 2006

Here I am in 2006

Here I am in 2015

Here I am in 2015


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