Dirty South Ride Series Kicks off

The first ride of the 2015 Dirty South Ride Series went off today in Massac County.  The ride was welcomed in by unseasonably nice weather.  I was unfortunately unable to attend because of work, but I sent Luke there to represent the 62946.  He reported back a massive turnout of riders coming from up to 5 hours away, a really excellent course, organic brownies, and lemonade.  He told me that the Dirty South Massac has set a new bar.  I’m not afraid to admit that I’m intimidated.

The next Dirty South Ride will be held on March 1st at Harbison’s General Store in uptown Herod IL. The route is going to contain a bit more trail then previous editions, but also about 12 miles of paved highway.  At least one part would be super sketchy on a road bike, I would suggest having some kind of tread on your tires.

dirty south 2015 flyer


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One Response to Dirty South Ride Series Kicks off

  1. Moe says:

    It seems the route was a good one. One rider said they haven’t suffered like that since the Leadville 100 last summer. There was much gravel, quite enough hills to climb, some mud and muck, a great SAG and great company. The next two are going to be great too!

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