The VP A01 Machete Superbike

JC sent me a link to this bike the other day, at first glance I thought it was just another cheap knock-off time trial bike, but careful examination reveals it to be the king of knock-off time trail bikes.  This bike would be sold in Wal-Mart for around 200 bucks, but someone is trying to charge almost 900 bucks for it on Amazon.

VP A01 bike


This review is priceless.

VP A01 bike2In other news I’ve been riding Zwift pretty much every night.  It rained most of today, but that didn’t stop a few of my dedicated Strava friends to get out and ride.  I on the other hand rode in perfect tropical conditions on the Zwift island.  I keep telling myself to get on there and just put in some quality base miles, but I find myself trying to keep up with every rider who passes me and always going for the KOM.  It’s a heck of a workout, but it would have been nice to actually be outside.



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4 Responses to The VP A01 Machete Superbike

  1. Arend says:

    Dear sir, since you seem to be interested in silly priced bikes recently i’d like to share the new Eddy Merckx 70th anniversary bike for only 17,500$:
    Best regards from a dutch follower

  2. Matt Gholson says:

    My buddy and I were talking about that insanely priced bike the other day. Crazy!

  3. Shon Hargis says:

    That review was certainly priceless! If that person gives that bike a 5 star review with all the problems that they’ve had – and likely will continue to have, I’d hate to see the one or two star reviews. What a joke!

  4. Shon Hargis says:

    I just couldn’t stop laughing when I read the second review on amazon. This had to be a joke!

    “No, your eyes aren’t deciving you, those are top bar mounted dual “power shifters” for maximum shifting performance. The shimano “mega range” rear cassette provide ample climbing gears and the bikes ultra light 36 pound weight puts it in contention for climbing bike of the year.”

    ** Note the “ultra light 36 pound weight!”

    “Wait there’s more, the geniuses at VISP have thrown in a FREE KICKSTAND, this is an outstanding addition for the tri crowd who often have to leave their bikes laying on the ground in the transition area, you’ll be a major balla in the tri crowd when everyone sees your bike standing proudly at attention with it’s kickstand.”

    Ha! ha!

    “You may be asking yourself, aren’t these about the cheapest parts available to outfit this bike? Well agains VISP has done the homework for you, spec’n out a 8 dollar rear derailleur 38 cent saddle allowed them to bring a bike like this with high end “KENDA” racing tires mounted on 20 dollar wheels to a price that nearly anyone could afford.”

    Gotta love that 8 dollar rear derailleur and the 20 dollar wheels too!

    Hilarious… I’m still laughing!

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