2014… A Look Back

Shaundo and I take a new year's hike at Rim Rock.

Shaundo and I take a new year’s hike at Rim Rock.

Well here we are, it’s 2015.  In about 3 months my blog can celebrate it’s 5 year anniversary, that’s about 5 years longer then I thought it would last.  Lets start this look back on 2014 by checking out my Strava stats.

2014 Strava Stats

2014 Riding, Skating, and Running

That’s the second year in a row that my stats have taken a dip, but it’s not a bad dip, hours and miles aren’t down much from last year and the number of personal records is actually up.  One of my favorite highlights of the year was getting together a regular Thursday night road ride that attracted 10 riders once.  Since I began working every Saturday this Spring I have missed much of the hilly, all day, group rides that I used to be the primary focus of my riding.  This last year my road bike riding was either riding alone, which was usually going out somewhere to ride hill repeats, or riding with the Thursday night group.  After August I only hit the road bike a handful of times.

In 2014 I mountain biked more regularly then I have in years past, I didn’t completely quit in summer like I usually do, but I really picked it up this Fall riding several times per week.  Much of this riding was of the “fun group ride” vein with very little epic all day rides and hammer fests, just lots of fun miles with good friends.

One of the saddest things this year was the complete collapse of my “morning routine”  for a few years I had been starting every morning around 6 AM with a walk, jog, or inline skate before work.  I guess I got lazy this year and my walking and running took a big hit.  My weight has been slowly creeping up ever since, like the hour hand on a watch, I can’t see it moving, but it must be because I’m about 10 pounds heavier then I was last summer.  One bright spot has been my recent return to running, I’ve been on 6 runs in the last couple of weeks and having alot of fun trail running.

2014 On the Blog

2014 saw a modest increase in blog traffic despite a decrease in the number of posts.  I’m proud to say that there was only one week I didn’t make a single post.  Lets look back on a few of my favorite or most popular posts for the year.

Most viewed Posts written in 2014

Saddle Vadar Review This review of the cheapest bike saddle I could find for sale on ebay got 2700 individual hits this year making it the most searched for post I wrote in 2014. Sounds like I wasn’t the only person interested in a cheap saddle.

Bicycle Saddle Comfort I wrote about the saddle I have used, and abused in the last several years and why I think they work or don’t work.  This was one of the most popular posts I wrote this year recieving 346 individual hits this year.

Most Viewd Post of All Time

My scathing review of the GoPro Hero Cam.  Why You shouldn’t by a GoPro Hereo Cam remains the blogs most popular post after 2 years.  Funny thing is I’m not trying to diss the actual camera its self, more just try to explain why most people will most likely not get much use out of it.  From what I’ve seen of the newest models they are improved and easier to use, though I’d still much prefer a good point and shoot for cycling.

Gravel Riding Stays Strong

Dirty South 100K 2014 Route Reveal  The DS100K continued strong in 2014 and my blog post promoting the ride was one of my most popular posts from the year.  Having 19 riders show up on a frigid and windy day for 60 miles of nasty gravel riding was one of the highlights of the year for me!

Favorite Road Ride

Assault on Clingman’s Dome In Mach I rode from Gatlinburg TN to the highest point in the Smokys, Clingmans Dome.  I was able to actually ride up the lookout tower since the area was still closed for winter.  It was really the only “epic” road ride I did this year and something I’ll always remember.

Favorite Mountain Bike Ride

I was able to go with my riding pals to Northwest GA for several days of fun riding.  The area around Chattanooga is a hotbed of cycling and I can drive there in about 5 hours.

Favorite Post

I’ve found that often my favorite posts are when I write a narrative about some interesting real life situation.  Like my recent encounter with a man who was sure I was going to need search and rescue.  These posts also seem to generate lots of comments.

Thanks again for hanging with me in 2014.  Let’s raise a toast to 2015 and keep the wheels rolling.




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