Hurricane Gholson

Bicycle frames and components flinch when they hear my name.  Gholson, destroyer of parts.  I’ve been particularly destructive the last few weeks.

IMG_3347First I was taking my Dad’s bike for a little test ride, halfway up the driveway I heard, PING! and the back wheel went way out of true.  I figured I’d just broke a spoke in his wheel, but upon inspection we saw this, a cracked hub flange.   This was a from a Boyd rear wheel, with around 10,000 miles on it and it’s a really light hub.

IMG_3346Next, I was just riding along and snagged a tree then 6 spokes blew out of my rear mountain bike wheel.  I was able to ride it back on the highway, but it was smacking the frame.



IMG_3345I was checking out my Bandersnatch frame the other day and saw these huge cracks forming in the seat tube cluster.  I had wrapped carbon around the top part of the seat tube where it was cracking a few months ago, but I’m thinking this may be a  lost cause.  I will greatly mourn the passing of the Bandersnatch, as it’s the only mountain bike I currently own that isn’t broken, well didn’t use to be broken.  Oh well.

IMG_3344Yesterday I took a gravel road ride on Jake the Snake.  This bike has my 36 spoke, el cheapo ebay rims that I’ve always considered super bomb proof.  They haven’t seen all that many miles, but the miles they have seen were rough.  About 15 miles in the ride I noticed a spoke had pulled through the rim.  So much for bomb proof, but hey, I got alot of miles out of these 100 dollar wheels.

So it may be time to get some new stuff, especially mountain bike stuff.



About Matt Gholson

Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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