What Happened to Shaundo

If you’ve been with us for awhile you may remember back in 2011 that my wife Shauna, or Shaundo as she is sometimes called, used to ride with me.  You may also have noticed that she doesn’t make too many appearances in the blog any more.  Well she quit riding over the winter of 2012 and never started back.  There were a few medical type issues that caused her pain and ended a long streak of being in shape for cycling.

So we started this spring on a positive note taking several hikes together and frequent walks.  We had purchased Shauna some trekking poles for some of the rocky hiking and she seemed to really like them.  It was looking like it would be a great summer then disaster struck.

We were camping at Fern Clyff State Park in May of this year, and we were taking a big hike.  We were both having a fantastic time walking all over the place.  We were on a rather dodgy trail that required frequent scrambling over rocks and such when we came to an abrupt end at a big boulder.  I quickly and easily found a couple of handholds and got onto of the rock.  Shauna didn’t want any part of it.

I told how easy it would be to climb the rock, I’d help her, it would be no big deal.  She wasn’t buying it, but I was persistent and she eventually tried.  She pulled herself up about a foot off the ground and couldn’t make the rest of the lift.  I tried to get her hand and help but she had a death grip on rock and wouldn’t let go, then she began to slide and fell off the rock to the sloping ground below.

It looked to me like she fell at most about foot, but she landed on one leg sideways and I could tell by the way she was looking at me she was hurt.  She said that it felt like some popped in her leg but she was able to move it some so I didn’t think it was broke.  We got her on her feet and she was just barely able to walk with the aid of her trekking poles.   It took us about 20 minutes to walk a tenth of a mile to a road.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShauna used crutches to get around for the next several weeks and eventually was able to walk without them but with pain.  She began walking with me again but at a slow pace and much shorter distance, the last quarter mile she would be dragging her sore leg along.  After a few months with no real improvement she got an X-ray and then eventually an MRI revealing no damage, just swollen tendons and ligaments around the knee joint.  About a month ago she started some physical therapy which seems to be helping.

We got her a big bike seat and set the bars up as high as possible for some light spinning but she says she has no interest in riding again.  So I’m always reminding myself to quit telling Shauna that this or that will be easy, and she likes to tell people how I threw her off a rock while hiking.


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  1. Zack Man says:

    Bad husband. Dr gohlson

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