Going for the Trifecta

After a pretty dismal week in terms of physical activities I tried to make up for it by slamming them today.  Sunday was the only day I had completely off all week and I knew I had to make the most of it.

6:00 AM alarm goes off.  Leap out of bed with levels of energy that can only mean that I don’t have to deliver mail today.  Poptarts and caffeinated beverage are ready in minutes.

6:30 AM Out the back door with skates on.  I take a different route then usual and end up staking down a 4 lane highway as the sun is coming up.  Being Sunday morning traffic is non existent and I can skate where ever I please, right down the center of route 13.  Got in a 8.5 mile skate in 45 minutes and most importantly didn’t crash. Wish I’d taken some pictures.

7:30 AM Eli calls and informs that there is in fact a mountain bike ride today at 1 PM  I pledge my attendance.

8:00 Call Dad and find out Mom and Dad are going riding this morning.  I’ve been wanting to ride with them so I ask them to take a short 20 mile ride.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9:00 20 mile ride with Mom and Dad .  Got to talk to Mom and Dad and enjoy a good ride, they’re in great shape and ride nearly every day.  I got to wear my 2500 dollar Pedal the Cure wool jersey.  Let me tell you it’s worth every penny, it was warm but super breathable.  It began to sprinkle rain and the wool performed great even when a bit wet.

11:30 Lunch with Shaundo

12:30 Meet the gang for the mountain bike ride.  Despite the recent rain the trails were in pretty good shape, not muddy at all.  Eventually it begins a light rain, but with the temperature hovering around 65 degrees a little rain is not a problem.  A few miles in we encounter a huge group of friendly horseback riders.  One of them offers me a rain poncho which was nice, but I would get so hot under a plastic rain poncho that I’d be soaked.  It begins to rain pretty hard and the trail surface is getting pretty slick, the rocks even slicker.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe misty wet forest was fantastic to ride in, I’d much prefer to ride nice dry trails most days, but it’s a very unique experience and really fun.  We finished up with a single speed super spin out on roads.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6:30 Supper with Shaundo, she has produced some excellent Belgian style waffles which I eat entirely too fast.

7:30 Start blogging

10:00 Projected time when I pass out from exhaustion.

What a great day!



About Matt Gholson

Cycling, school teaching, husband.
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4 Responses to Going for the Trifecta

  1. Steve says:

    And here I am proud of myself for running ten miles. I’m a wimp. Good job!

  2. moe says:

    Nice work Mr. G. That is a fun filled day. I can never get things to line up like that. Everything that pops up always overlaps the event before it or after it. It was your good day of karma. Where did you ride with Eli? I rode with JW and Justin and we got soaked up by Dixon Springs on the gravels.

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