Look What I Got at Goodwill #3

IMG_3224Big day for me at the Goodwill; couple of real nice finds.  I was perusing the clothing and I saw a shirt that I knew had to be special.  I’ve never heard of the brand, Jam’s World, but when I saw that it was made in Hawaii I knew I’d found something.  Jam’s World shirts sell for 100 dollars each, so I guess getting this used for 3 bucks is a pretty good deal.  I doubt I’ll ever actually wear it anywhere, but who knows, I may turn into a beach bum one day.




IMG_3225In the long sleeve shirts I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across a Merino Wool cycling jersey.  It’s got some dopy graphics, Pedal for the Cause is an Cancer Charity ride in St. Louis.  I did some research, this jersey is the reward for those participants who raise 2500 dollars or more to fight cancer.  I kind of doubt anyone would buy a tightwad like me even participating in a one day ride that costs 125 dollars and requirement to raise at least a 100o dollars.  Though I feel I’d be completely justified to show up with this jersey and act like I own the place.



IMG_3228I also received some new shorts today.  I’ve been dealing with a rather disturbing problem, all of my shorts seem to be wearing out at the same time.  My ultimate favorite Castelli shorts suffered a catastrophic chamois failure last time I rode them.  In fact every time I’ve washed my bike clothes lately I’ve found stray peices of a foam rubber that have fallen out of various chamois pads.

I got these bib shorts on ebay for 19 bucks new.  They aren’t exactly legit, in that I mean they are Chinese knock offs.  These are the kind of shorts you actually buy direct from China, but someone in the USA was selling off several pair.


IMG_3227They seem to fit and the chamois is coolmax and looks good,  I have my doubts about longevity but we’ll find out.


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