I Guess it’s Fall Now



Out for a morning stroll.

46 degrees this morning.  Last week I was worried about the heat, now I’m cold, so cold in fact that I found my Old Navy jacket that’s been riding around in the trunk of the car since early Spring.  It was too cold to skate this morning so I walked.

The Cursed Glove

Bontrager has some cheap gloves that have a cool sort of rastafarian color scheme, I bought some years ago.  The first time I used them they got lost in Wisconsin when me and Shaundo were riding rail trails.  I bought another pair and put them in a drawer.  A couple of months ago I found them again and took them mountain biking and lost one.  I agonized over throwing the single remaining glove away and eventually did.  This is noteable because I rarely ever throw things away, in fact this was a triumphant victory because I convinced myself there was so reason to keep a single glove.   Not long ago after a ride Joe said, “Someone lost a glove,” and there it was, the mate to the glove I’d thrown away.  IMG_3214

Tubeless For Reals

Since I had to buy a longer seatpost for the SIR 9, I ordered some Stan’s sealant and valve stems.  I’ve messed around with making my own sealant and cutting valve stems out of old tubes without much success.  Some of you may remember the great glitter explosion of 2013.  Last night I put the valve stem in and a couple of scoops of sealant, then I attached my regular floor pump and low and behind the crazy thing just aired up, like magic.  Could have saved alot of hassle and glitter.



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