Computer Upgrade Doesn’t Go As Planned

The system.

The system.

I realized I hadn’t purchased a single computer item in a long time, and combined with the fact that I’ve been wanting to try out a few new computer games I decided I needed to do a bit of upgrading.  My system is about 3 years old, it was a budget system but I was going for “bang for the buck” when I built it.  It’s been fantastic.

I was checking out video cards and found a huge deal and rebate on a Radeon HD 7850.  I remember this card was in the upper two hundreds not that long ago and I could buy it for much less then a 100 bucks.  If I was interested in the next generation of high resolutions graphics this was the card to get.

My old video card is a Nvidia GTS 250.  It’s a fine card, but it’s getting a bit old and it used alot of power and made a lot of heat.  It had a huge fan that makes a ton of noise when the cards in use, sounds like a vaccum in my computer.

The Old GTS 250.  Vaccum cleaner card.

The Old GTS 250. Vaccum cleaner card.

So  I got the new card, dropped it in without thinking and start up the computer.  Windows fails to boot, will not boot to safe mode, and pretty much just throws up when I try to do anything.  I was looking into using my installation USB key to try to recover Windows but accidently installed a new version.

Here’s where things get weird.  I’ve had multiple Windows installs on one hard drive before with no issue.  Once it completed installing and rebooted windows asked me which install I wanted to start.  I went with the new one and it started up then immeditatly rebooted.  When it started up again the old Windows was gone along with everything on my hard drive.  It’s as if I did a clean install on a formated disk.  Wow.  3 years worth of installed programs and files gone.

The New 7850, two quiet fans.

The New 7850, two quiet fans.

But all is not lost.  I had bought a external hard drive and backed up all my important files not that long ago.  In fact this was a blessing in disguise because my new Windows install is fast, I’d forgotten how good a new install is.  Windows 7 has been the most rock solid OS I’ve used, not a single problem, but 3 years without a refresh and your OS starts to get a bit laggy.

Now I’ll just be busy installing programs for the next week, but it’ll give me the opportunity to upgrade those as well.  It’s kind of fun to create problems for yourself.

A fresh new windows desktop.

A fresh new windows desktop.

Oh and the new card is whisper quiet, and much faster then the old one.  Now I just have to find some games that need it.


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