Aluminum Wheel Repair with Carbon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am very surprised that my Kysrium wheel repair has been holding up.  I’ve got close to 1000 miles on the repair now without a problem.  With that success under my belt I turned to an old Dura Ace Open Pro rear wheel.  I purchased this years ago on ebay dirt cheap but I always thought something was wrong with it because it would make a ticking noise with every rotation.

The wheel has been almost completely unused for the last 3 years but I recently put it back on my CAAD9.  It was ticking and I had the idea tOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA o put a nut on the valve stem, something I never do.  That seemed to eliminate the ticking noise.  All was good until the tire flatted.  I discovered after all these years without ever checking that the cause of the noise was rim damage around the valve stem hole.  I guess the nut pulled the tube up tight into the crack.

I spent some time sanding the area but I didn’t do any drilling, I don’t think there is really any structual weakness here.  I’ve bOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeen riding this wheel like this a while now.  After applying aluminum etch I used 4 layers of carbon and then sanded them and drilled a new hole.

Rode the wheel today and happy to say it wasn’t ticking.  I’f forgotten how good these 32 spoke open wheels rode, especially with a 25mm tire.  Think I’m going to be back on this bike more often.  


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