Just Checking In

I know from personal experience that if you write a blog somewhat consistently and you fail to write anything for awhile people get worried.  When the original Southern Illinois bike blogger, Miles Stoneman, disappeared I got several emails from concerned folks asking about him.  Well, I’m still here, and oddly enough I just had a week off work but never got around to writing a post.  Probably because I just didn’t feel like it.

I rode about ten hours this week and got in a 1.5 hour trail run.  The trail run left me with a sore foot and reminded me that running is hard.


I put some new bar tape on my bike, and cleaned it up real nice.  Something you won’t see very often.


Eli got a new ride.  It’s probably about the coolest vehicle I’ve ever seen.

We had probably the most exciting Thursday night ride to date.  6 riders, special guests from far away, old friends, and lots and lots of “dropping the hammer.”  I got to sprint against Luke again.  I never stood a chance in the past, and I really still don’t, especially if the roads the least bit uphill, but it’s fun to throw down the hammer.  Drew was laying down some power as well, he’s like a big diesel engine, once he gets warmed up, watch out.


I noticed a cactus that I’ve had for years bloomed.  This Cactus came from a former student.  I had this mini potted plant in my class room, circa 2009.  A kid picked it up and dropped it.  I wasn’t mad, but the kid swore he would make it up.  The next day he brought me a small piece of cactus.  Over the years it grew and I spread it out into a second pot.  This winter, which was SUPER COLD, I left one outside.  Funny enough it didn’t die but seems to be in great shape, it produced this marvelous flower, while the one that always spends winter indoors never has.

Finished Phil Gaimon’s book, “Pro Racing on Ten Dollars a Day,”  expect a review soon.


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