Lusk Creek Puddle Run

Under Secret Canyon

Under Secret Canyon

Yesterday it was raining, and around 50 degrees.  I had the day off and was aching to get outside and do something.  Eli ran a loop to a place called Secret Canyon a couple weeks ago, while Shauna and I walked a shorter route.  I decided to try Eli’s run since I’d never seen Secret Canyon before.  I figured the rain wouldn’t be to noticeable in the forest and running I’d stay warm.  I was about half right.


Fanny Pack Action

Fanny Pack Action

I noticed my wife’s new fanny pack in the car when I arrived and decided to use it.  I’m a big fan of jogging with a fanny pack now.  I held my GPS, water bottle and keys and even better it held up my pants.  I was also wearing some of my wife’s loose track pants that she tried to throw away but I rescued from the trash.  My shirt and hat were at least my own.

The trails were completely soaked and often had water running down them.  I’m certain my rollerblading skills were helping me here because I often felt like I was skating on the slick surface of mud.  Despite the slippery surface I never fell down, and I would usually only slide a bit with every step.  The trails here are well made.  The creek crossings were deep and the water was moving at a fair lick.

Good thing bikes can't ride here or these trails would be ruined.

Good thing bikes can’t ride here or these trails would be ruined.

I haven’t been doing much running lately, I used to jog every morning, but I seem to still be about the same as always.  I can run pretty good on the downhill, slow down on the flat, and slow way down when the trail goes up.   Pretty much the same as when I’m on the bike!

The rain picked up about halfway through and about an hour in I was wet on top to match my soaked pant legs.  My top half was never soaked but had just picked up enough water falling through the trees to begin to make me cold.  As long as I kept running I stayed warm, so I probably ran more then I would have if it had been warmer.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was actually surprised by how much running I was able to do.  Much of the trails uphill have these sand stone ledges to prevent erosion and I was running up making big leaps over them, I kept thinking there’s no I should be doing this, I should be falling down, collapsing.  But I manged to clear them all, I was feeling like Rocky running up the steps of the museum.


My legs are sore this morning, but otherwise I’m no worse for wear after running 2 hours in a cold rain.  I was rewarded with some fantastic views and sounds of falling and running water on a day where common sense dictated I stay indoors.



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2 Responses to Lusk Creek Puddle Run

  1. Kate says:

    That looks like an AWESOME run!! What a great way to spend the day. I love running in the rain in the woods. 🙂

  2. rlhoover says:

    Even with the mud, I loved the pics. Thanks!

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