The Harrisburg Cycling Drum-Up

Riders on single speeds earn bonus points.

Riders on single speeds earn bonus points.

Ladies are of course welcome

Ladies are of course welcome

Muppets-Group-Bicycle-RideBack in Scotland cycling clubs would hold drum-ups, essentially a try out for the club.  The club had a well known spot where everyone met up for a group ride and anyone was welcome to join in.  The ride would start nice and slow everyone getting warmed up and plenty of talk.  At some point on the ride the pace would pick up and it was every man for themselves.  Only the strong could hold the lead, but new riders were never left behind, someone would always fall back and guide them back.

We would call these simply, group rides.  I may have mentioned in the past that Harrisburg had such a ride when I was younger and I really enjoyed it and learned alot about riding.  I’d like to have something like that again, the simplicity of an automatic meeting place and a weekly ride.  So everyone is invited to come out this Thursday for the Drum-Up.

We’ll be meeting at 5PM near at Paker Plaza near the Dollar General Store.  The route will most likely go South out of town on backroads.  The goal is to ride for around 2 hours which should make it around a 30 mile ride, there will be some rolling hills.  The goal will be to get a good workout but not to kill each other.   Riders are welcome to meet up with us and ride a shorter version if the idea of 30 miles seems a bit much.

We’ve got 3 confirmed riders at this point, but I’m hoping for more.  Hope you can make it out.


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2 Responses to The Harrisburg Cycling Drum-Up

  1. Kate says:

    That sounds like fun. Wish it wasn’t such a long drive for me.

  2. Jim Russell says:

    That’s a good idea; just an informal get together and ride. Don’t have to worry about club fees, rules, insurance, etc. I’m not in great shape this year but I may try to make it and tag along for a while. As the weather gets better this summer you might have a decent number of riders show.

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