The Winter that Wouldn’t Die!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust because its March doesn’t mean its Spring, but usually March will cooperate and give us a mix of good and bad weather.  As I’m sure most of you have noticed this Winter has been a bit harsher then most.  A winter storm dumped snow all over March 2nd.  It was a rare, thunder snow storm with lightning and roaring, booming, thunder.  I suppose you could say we lucked out since we only got a few inches of ice and snow.  Oh well, more time on the trainer doing Sufferfest videos.

There was once a time long ago when a snow storm gave me a lazy day off work.  Now a snow storm requires me to shovel snow and ice all day.  Passersby often say, “Dang that got you working hard,” and I’ll joke, “Community Service, paying off bad debts.”

As is always the case this time of year I’m getting psyched up to ride.  I watched, two Belgium road races last weekend, Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and Kuurne – Brussels – Kuurne these aren’t the first two road races of the year, but they are the first in Belgium and therefore the first two that count!  I’m also reading Sean Kelly’s autobiography, “Hunger”.  I’ve rolled through over the half the book in a few days and will be writing a review soon.

Glove in the mouth, while riding self portrait.

Glove in the mouth, while riding self portrait.

The Sun was shining in full force and I’ve noticed that Sol’s arc has shifted more overhead a 35 degree day in the sun isn’t that bad, or maybe it’s the effect of shoveling snow all morning in the low teens.  Either way I eagerly finished work today and rolled out my Cyclocross bike for a road ride this afternoon.  If I could own one bike it would be a cyclocross bike with room for 38mm tires.  I would have a set of wheels with road tires and set of wheels with mountain bike tires and I could ride anything.  Today I threw on a set of road bike wheels since I was certain the snow was gone.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was looking around my basement and I realized I have alot of wheels, like, an insane amount of bike wheels.  I have a set of Ksyriums, two sets of open pros, a set of 36 spoke touring wheels, a set of Ritcheys, a set of Bontragers, a set of Shimanos, and a set of Old Mavic junk wheels.  That’s 16 bike wheels, and that’s not even counting the mountain bike wheels, I’ve got just about as many of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was awesome to get outside this afternoon.   Despite being a bit heavier then I’d like to be and somewhat short of miles compared to last year I felt great.  I’m hoping to get out for some hard riding this weekend, temperatures look good and I have something to train for.

The United Federation of Dirt is a series of mountain bike races in Missouri, the first one is March 16th.  I’m strongly thinking about competing in the Marathon category, which is 3 hours.  I’ll still spend more time driving to the race than racing, but at least it won’t be an hour then a shower, though I may wish it was while I’m out there.


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2 Responses to The Winter that Wouldn’t Die!

  1. Kate says:

    Hey, I’ll be at the Leadbelt race, doing marathon as well. Make sure you say hi every time you pass my slow self!

    I had to laugh at your wheel abundance. I have one wheel that’s not on a bike, and I only have that one bc it wasn’t able to be fully trued. So why keep it? I don’t know.

    • Matt Gholson says:

      You keep wheels like that because you might need spokes, or a hub one day!

      I’ll be looking out for you at the Leadbelt, maybe I’ll be able to follow you and keep on course.

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