Commuting and Dirty South

IMG_0374Commuted to work the other day, about 16 mile round trip to one of the places I work.  Less then an total hour ride time, usually about 30 minutes drive time.  I’m going to try to do this more, but when I started thinking about I realized it may not be as economical as you would imagine.  Takes about $1.80 worth of gas for my car trip, or around 800 calories for my bike trip.  Now if one didn’t replace those calories then it would be free, but if you had to replace 800 calories with say, doughnuts, it’d probably cost about the same.  Of course it was a great way to sneak a bike ride in so it was well worth it!

Just a quick reminder, tomorrow is the Dirty South Harrisburg.  Weather looks good, expecting a decent turnout.  There is an option for a Dirty 50K forming up as well.




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2 Responses to Commuting and Dirty South

  1. Kate says:

    Not going to make it down that way this time. Hope your ride goes well! My son may be leaving for boot camp Monday, so I’m sticking closer to home to have a little more time with him.

  2. Steve says:

    It’s tough to make the numbers add up for commuting when you simply look at gas money. The fact is, gas is really cheap. The only way to make it economically smart is to go “all in” and get rid of your car completely. That’s thousands of dollars for the purchase of the car and hundreds of dollars for insurance, upkeep, taxes, and yes – gasoline. Once you are car-free, you will then be saving a great deal of money. Sadly, life in America absolutely requires a car for anyone not living in an urban center, so the reason for cycling commutes will have to be something in addition to the money saved in gas.

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