Needed Big Fat Larry

IMG_0368Fat bikes have been a topic of discussion lately since Eli souped up his ride with a 3.7 inch front tire.  I don’t need to post about how tough this winter has been, every who doesn’t live in ARIZONA! already knows.  It’s sucked.  A fat bike would have come in handy this winter with the muddy and snowy rides we’ve been doing.  I really wished I’d had a Big Fat Larry Tire mounted on a Clown Shoe Rim today.

Everyone said riding today was a bad idea, but I felt the need to get out so I drove to Gossage.  As soon as I got off the highway onto the back roads I knew it was a bad idea.  The snow hadn’t melted much in the forest and the roads were still covered.  The Monte Carlo was really designed as an adventure coupe, what it lacks in ground clearance it makes up with style and panache.  It had no problems getting me to the trailhead.

IMG_0369Someone had been here before me and had ridden about 50 foot down the trail and then turned around.  The long crazy fast downhill from the start became a slight workout as I had to pedal to keep the bike going downhill.  The climb up to McAnally road was tough but everything but the steepest climbs was rideable.

It seemed like it was taking a really long time so I rode McAnally and decided to take the roads back to the car.  It was a bad idea.  While the trails were covered with about an inch thick frozen crust of snow that provided awesome traction the roads had sections of sheet ice.  I ended up sliding out and going down several times on the road, but I was keeping the speed way down so it was no big deal.

It was nice to get out and get some fresh air and see the snow covered pines, but I’m really, really, really looking forward to some better weather.



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3 Responses to Needed Big Fat Larry

  1. Kate says:

    We hit the local singletrack in the snow today. We had just the right amount/type of snow and just the right amount of previous trail traffic to make it fun. Just need to remember that my MTB tires need a big shot of air before next time I ride on dirt.

  2. I was at Bike World in Paducah last weekend and the owner had half dozen cyclocross bikes in stock; he stated people are using them for gravel grinders and commuters. Bikes were fairly high end (expensive) though.

    You mentioned Miles Stoneman’s blog; I always enjoyed his cycling / randonneuring blog; of course it has been closed for a while. He was definitely the enthusiast. He does have a you tube channel but nothing about cycling within the last two years; hope he didn’t give up cycling completely. Appears he is living in Ohio at the moment.

    Make sure and post a photo of your completed cyclocross bike; more people probably read your blog than you might think.

    • Matt Gholson says:

      Too me expensive and cyclocross shouldn’t go together. It’s going to get trashed and muddy.

      Miles was a very interesting figure, a real Extremophile. I’ve know one other person who was into cycling as much as Miles, Snake, and after several years he burned out as well. Almost everyone who I talk to about my blog mention Miles, he had a big impact and brought alot of awareness to the region.

      When I get my cross bike back together I’ll get some pictures of it.

      Thanks for the support!

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