Trail Running and the Fork Story

Photo by Eli.

Photo by Eli.

I went trail running with Eli last evening.  I really shouldn’t call it running, more of a jog shuffle.  I haven’t jogged at all lately and I was expecting the run to be bad, but the landscape was inspiring, there was a dusting of snow and the Circle B trail was celestial as it wound it’s way around the hills.  I gave Eli a small head start and was actually catching him at the end of the downhill section, but as soon as the trail went uphill he was gone.  I did about 6 miles, but walked quite a bit in the last half.

Today it was too cold to do much of anything outside, but my legs are so sore from yesterday that I wasn’t too worried about that.  I worked on this Rock Shox Reba fork I got from a friend.  This friend, who shall remain nameless, brought this fork to me when he flew home to visit a couple weeks ago.  He attempted to board the plane with the steer tube of the fork sticking out of his backpack.  As you can imagine it didn’t go so well.

Draining the oil from the lower leg, the cat is curious.

Draining the oil from the lower leg, the cat is curious.

He was sent to the “back room” and they performed bomb tests on both him and the fork.  They exclaimed that he wasn’t allowed to take the item with him on the plane, but since he couldn’t do anything else with it they eventually put it in “special cargo” and he was able  to pick it up after the flight.

The fork looks to be in excellent shape but there is something wrong with it’s guts.  It was hydrolocked and it appeared that all the oil that should have been in the damper assembly had migrated to the lower leg locking the fork out.  It could be an easy fix, let the oil out of the lowers, put it back in the uppers and see if it stays.

It’s been a long time since I rode with a suspension fork.  I mounted it and did a couple of laps around the house.  I grinned when I rode over some bumps and rocks and barely felt them, but I grimaced when I stood to pedal and the bike pogo’d underneath me.  There are definitly pros and cons to suspension.  I neglected to maintain my last suspension fork and allowed it to get ruined so I have been riding rigid ever since.  If I get this Reba working I’m going to check the oil frequently.


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3 Responses to Trail Running and the Fork Story

  1. Kate says:

    Trail running is for sure the best kind of running.

  2. TJ says:

    I find the picture of that trail intriguing – can you give directions how to get there, or a link, please?

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