Congratulations J-Pow and KatieFnCompton

Intense action!

Intense action!

You can watch the 2014US Cyclocross Nationals free on youtube, 6 hours of racing, juniors,women, and men.  I watched the women’s and men’s race in their entirity.  I highly recommend it.  The racing is excellent, the course is excellent, and the crowed is excellent.  In fact the crowd is amazing, you’d think it was a race in Belgium.  It’s fantastic and makes me wish I could live in Boulder.



Katie Compton seemingly cruised to victory with no one even posing a challenge, but not only is she the best American crosser, she’s the best in the world and will prove it by winning the Worlds in Hoogerheide on February 1st.




In the men’s race Jeremy Powers reminded me of Nys, he just powered away from everyone and followed up crazy fast lap with continually crazy fast laps, his riding was flawless.  I haven’t seen him line up against he best in the worlds this year like Page, but I think he may have the strongest finish of any American in the world’s ever.


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