A New Year in the Shawnee

Post Ride cookie break.

Post Ride cookie break.

I had an eventful New Years Day, started out the morning on a mountain bike ride with Joe, then spent the afternoon walking and bird watching with my wife.  The mountain bike ride took place at One Horse Gap and was uneventful until we rode the Flat Tire trail.  The Flat Tire trail is about 60% ride and as the name implies it has claimed many flat tires.  It got Joe and we had to replace a tube.  I later realized I also had flatted but my slime tube was keeping air loss to a minimum.


While we were fixing Joe’s flat  a convoy of side-by-side 4 wheelers came by.  I don’t think you’re technically allowed to ride those in the forest, but I’m probably not technically allowed to ride a bike, so in the famous words of Joe, “Let her buck.”



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter the ride Shauna and I went to a spot known as Buzzard’s Point to try out the Binoculars she got for Christmas.  We had a fun walk and I figured out I could use the binoculars as a telephoto extension for my camera which was neat.  Shauna spoted a wood pecker on the way back which was cool.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday Joe Elam and a special guest, Rick did some riding at High Knob on some of the finest trails I’ve ever ridden.  Rick is one of the original mountain bikers over here, he’s been riding trails in the Shawnee longer then I’ve been alive.  Riding with Rick is always an adventure, I was trying to ease by him on a climb and he threw an elbow out and muscled me back.  Rick’s a madman on a bike.

sharp shot of Drew

sharp shot of Drew

I’m happy to report that the Alfine continues to flow and conquer switch backs with Kung Fu action.  I replaced the brake pads and had to stop a couple times for brake adjustment, had to add some air to the rear tire, but the bike was bomb proof.

Intense serious cold is in our forecast for the next few days, temps far below zero degrees Fahrenheit so it was awesome to nice day with temps around 32 to ride.

Mid ride uniform change

Mid ride uniform change

Eli climbing on the benchcut, the orange spot.

Eli climbing on the benchcut, the orange spot.




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3 Responses to A New Year in the Shawnee

  1. TB says:

    What kind of bikes are you riding? It looks like you have a rigid belt drive?

  2. Im sure its the awesome GT triple triangle frame giving you good luck!

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