A Frank Assessment of My Current Level of Fitness

I roller bladed all through October last year, nearly every day.  I put my skates up in September this year at the first sign of cool weather.  I replaced my nearly hour long skate with a 30 minute walk.  I only rode my bike 6 times in October this year. What happened?  It’s been a slow decline, but I’m feeling it all too quickly now.  In October 2012 I logged 48 hours on Strava, in October 2o13 I logged 17 hours.  September was even worse and this November isn’t looking any better.  There are several explanations for this, mainly revolving around the amount of free time I had available, but really, who cares, excuses are excuses.


I’m still not quite recovered from my wreck 9 days ago.  My knee is mostly better and really only hurts when climbing stairs, my ribs are an enigma of pain.  Sometimes they hurt so bad I can barely bend over, other times I don’t even notice them.  I think it has alot to do with the amount of ibuprofen I’ve ate.

I’ve realized on the last few mountain bike rides that my body wasn’t performing quite right. I still had good power, but using the power was leaving me winded.  My lack of endurance was compounded with a weaker core.  When you’re winded and your lower back is feeling like jello you’re bike handling suffers, you crash.


Realizing that I needed to take drastic measures I forced myself onto the trainer Sunday as  it was a rainy stormy day.  The Tornado outbreak that claimed 6 Illinoisans blew through that day.  I did an hour workout, but because of my aching knee and aching ribs I never really pushed hard, even though attempting to push was winding me way too fast.

Tonight I had a bit of extra time and  I took my Single Speed project bike to a graveled mountain bike trail and did some laps.  I mounted a 22 tooth cog on the bike before the ride and it was easy to feel the difference between the 21 tooth.  I managed to make the steep climbs on the trail but my times were about 30% slower then last December.  What part of that was the Single Speed, what part was me?

I suppose the good news is that I’ve caught this slide and am working towards correcting it.  The bad thing is that I’ll never have the kind of time I had in Fall last year, I just have to make the most of the time I have now.


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