A Wheel Problem

I’m going from about 3 posts a week to an average of one lately for lots of reasons, I’m working more, but I’m also not real fired up for riding now.  Happens every year in late summer, I actually got my model train out this year.  But I have a wheel problem to contend with as well.

Back around August 2010, so very close to 3 years ago I bought a Ksyrium Elite rear wheel from Nashbar for around 250 dollars.  I literally have a pile of broken back wheels from mountain and road bikes in my basement.  When you weigh 285 pounds and you ride hard your back wheel suffers.  My weight was done around 240 when I bought the Ksyrium, which has 20 rear spokes and truth be told I expected it to blow up in a few rides and be boxed back to Nashbar.


Well 3 years and probably close to 10,000 miles later the wheel is cracked.  I’ve been noticing a little clickity noise on every wheel rotation that I knew was in the wheel, though I expected to find a loose spoke.  When I finally got up to courage to hunt it down I found a cracked rim instead.

Wheels waiting to be fixed, some have been waiting since last year.

Wheels waiting to be fixed, some have been waiting since last year.

Dad loaned me a wheel and I’ve got old wheels, and another bike to ride so there’s no hurry, but in the meantime what do I do with this?

  • Keep riding it and hope for the best?
  • Send it back to Nashbar if they’ll take it?
  • Send it Mavic to get a new rim?
  • Throw it in the broken wheel pile?
  • Buy some carbon and epoxy and wrap the whole area?

Which one do you think I’m leaning towards?


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3 Responses to A Wheel Problem

  1. Gail karcher says:

    Hey Matt,I say throw it in the to go box,it’s done,I have seen a lot of aluminum welds at work and from what I have seen even the best welds will soon crack right down the middle of the weld,which may be the best way to repair the rim.the next time it fails may be catastrophic ! Good luck

  2. echo says:

    My vote is this: Buy some carbon and epoxy and wrap the whole area?

  3. mrhargis says:

    You could try Mavic or Nashbar, but from what I’ve heard, Mavic’s customer service sucks. They don’t even take care of their dealers that well. I’d suggest a new hand built wheel with a larger spoke count. 🙂 Trash that one, or get it rebuilt as a backup.

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