Look What I Got at Goodwill #2

IMG_0006A ride with my Mom this morning presented the perfect opportunity to show you what I got at Goodwill.  A sweet Sugoi jersey with Tour de Cure printed all over it.  Tour de Cure is the national fundraising for diabetes series of bike  rides.  It’s kind of fitting because if I didn’t ride I’d probably have diabetes.

The jersey is in fantastic shape, the previous owner probably signed up and did a 50 mile Tour de Cure ride, blogged about how life changing it was, then promptly hung up his bike in the garage and donated the jersey to Goodwill.  Perhaps he fell in love with riding poured on the miles and found that the XXL was too big for him.  Either way I scored this jersey for 2 bucks!


Speaking of pouring on the miles, my Mom has been riding about 200 miles a week.  That’s about double my miles, she’s riding really good right now.  We did a casual 20 mile ride with some hills this morning and average 16 mph while talking.  It was crazy foggy this morning, nice and cool, made for a good ride.


Stay tuned for more sweet Goodwill Action.


About Matt Gholson

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5 Responses to Look What I Got at Goodwill #2

  1. rlhoover says:

    Wow. Riding with Mom AND a fancy new jersey. Life is Good!

  2. mrhargis says:

    Love the jersey! Why can’t I ever find nice jerseys at goodwill?…. still love goodwill, though. 🙂

  3. echo says:

    What a fantastic deal!! nice job!

  4. rob says:

    The jersey rocks Matt. Hands of Hope ride is 9/28/13 in Marion. Are you coming?

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