Shauna is a Big Loser

1235067_10153204003620226_524582674_nA few months ago Shauna, (Mrs. Gholson) entered into a Biggest Loser weight loss competition where she works.  Ever since then her life has revolved around counting calories, exercise and watching the pounds come off.

She found out Friday that she won, all together losing 29 pounds, there was a sizable cash award as well as the admiration and respect of her fellow losers.  Shauna is excellent at losing weight and typically when she sets her mind on something she does it, even if that means her husband goes without Chinese food and nachos for 3 months.

Besides her calculated 1800 calorie a day diet Shauna exercised every day, sometimes twice a day.  She entered a water aerobics class over the summer that met 3 times a week, she rode her bike trainer, and walked 2 miles most days.  When all that was winding down she bought an elliptical trainer, which I mentioned in a previous post.

Mike seems to think this looked like our elliptical

My brother is still cracked up over our elliptical trainer, with its rust and without its rear cover it looked a bit like a miniature oil rig.  Mike has sent Shauna pictures of oil rigs he sees on the side of the road with funny messages, “Matt, Shauna, I found u guys another elliptical machine!”

The Joke’s on him now that I’ve restored the machine.  There was some cleaning, sanding, painting, and oiling involved, but all told it was a piece of cake.



In cycling news I went out on a early morning mission this week to regain a Strava KOM, I needed to ride about 3 miles of flats with an average speed over 23.5  I’m happy to report that I did it.  Here’s some pics from that ride.

IMG_0513 IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0517

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3 Responses to Shauna is a Big Loser

  1. WAY TO GO SHAUNDO! I’ve always admired Matt’s discipline and willingness to suffer to get better, but you outshine him now! Congratulations.

  2. Mikey g says:

    You sure your wife didn’t make that money pumpin oil… U don’t have to lie about where money came from old brother of mine

  3. rlhoover says:

    Kudos Shauna!! Wave the $$ in Matt’s face and tell him he Still doesn’t get chinese!!

    So Matt, you went out and raised the bar on the KOM. Good job!

    The things Strava compels us to do!

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