Why Cyclists Shave Their Legs

Have you ever wondered why male cyclists shave their legs?   Is it for aerodynamics, vanity, perhaps the daily massage?  Nope, I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt why they shave.

IMG_2846Wednesday Morning I went skating and tried a different route, something a bit more advanced I suppose.  I made my way up a couple of brand new streets to the Harrisburg Hospital and then I needed to make a decision.  Go to the right and through the parking lot, or go around the back and go down a hill.  I was certain the parking lot would be a safer bet, but I was thinking I might encounter a car and get ran over so I took the road around back.

I realized in less than a second I had made the wrong decision.  The hill was steep and I needed to turn at the bottom of it.  I tried my T-stop and my dragging wheels were slowing me down but not enough.  About halfway down the hill I was losing balance from the long drawn out T-stop and fell down, probably going around 10 mph, so it wasn’t a bad crash, but left some significant road rash.  I’ve had much worse from bike wrecks.

That dressing needs to come off, ouch.

That dressing needs to come off, ouch.

I decided to cover it with some gauze and tape and see if it would heal faster covered instead of scabbed over.  Last night I thought it was time to take off the covering and found that removing the tape from my leg was far more painful than the crash had been.

I knew that cyclists shaved their legs because of bandages on leg wounds, since falling is so common in cycling, but I never had any real experience with it.  I had no idea just how much it hurt to take off a big piece of tape stuck to leg hair.

So, am I going to start shaving my legs?  Hell no.


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4 Responses to Why Cyclists Shave Their Legs

  1. Those legs are screaming for some manscaping. And use some Bacitracin to keep it moist.

  2. Steve says:

    Good call. Stay hairy, my friend.

    Arms hit the ground with the same frequency as legs and no cyclist shaves his arms.

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