The Elliptical Machine – Hat of the Day #3


For the last month Shauna has been becoming more and more obsessed with owning an elliptical machine.  New elliptical machines that are complete plastic junk still cost a few hundred dollars and any decent machine will be at least a grand, but the bad thing is that the moment you get them out of the store they lose about half of their value, for that reason we were looking for a used model.

IMG_2837Several elliptical machines were on craigslist but they all sold before we could buy them.  There was a gentleman who had both a Livestrong elliptical and treadmill for sale.  My brother, a big fan of Livestrong and Lance wanted us to buy the Livestrong model so he could come help us move it with all his Livestrong gear on.  He was sure the guy selling the equipment was only doing so because of Lance’s public disgrace, Mike said he would show up and go on and on about how good Lance was.  I joked that all Livestrong exercise equipment had EPO microdosing injection ports built in.  The Livestrong machine sold in two days, before we could go look.


There was one piece of equipment on craigslist that didn’t seem to want to sell, partly because the party selling it had listed the machine then went on a vacation.  The Machine in question is a Precor 544, which just happens to be the worlds first elliptical crosstrainer.  This is also the same machine that my wife used religiously back when we were high rollers and members of the gym.  I thought we should check it out.

The machine was not in very good shape, it was dirty and rusty in places, but it seemed to work well.  It took us a few days but eventually we decided make an offer.  My brother Mike helped me pick it up.  It was a beast to get home and get into the house, it weighs 300 pounds, I couldn’t have done it without my Mike’s help.  

Today's hat is one of those sombreros they give away at Mexican restuarants.  I left this hat in the curb in front of my house for a day trying to get rid of it.  No one wanted it.

Today’s hat is one of those sombreros they give away at Mexican restaurants. I left this hat in the curb in front of my house for a day trying to get rid of it. No one wanted it.

Mike was amazed to see the machine with its back cover off, he joked that it looked like we were buying a small oil pump rig, or a train.  When we got the machine home and started it up the ramp began moving up and down by its self.  I took the front cover off revealing the ramp adjustment mechanism and found the cord that goes to the control board was half unplugged.  Easy fix and now everything is OK.  The machine work is working great and I’ve began cleaning up it.  Shauna’s already got a couple of workout’s in on it. and is happy.


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4 Responses to The Elliptical Machine – Hat of the Day #3

  1. Steve says:

    Wait – they GIVE AWAY hats like that where you live?!?! Look out, Southern Illinois, here I come!

    (congrats on the elliptical, btw, and to your ingenuity)

  2. Jake says:

    Wow- that is very cool! It looks like a medieval torture device. Deconstructed ellipticals could be the next big thing.

  3. This look like an old fashioned oil well

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